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Who did you vote for, Party of Big Government A or Party of Big Government B?

By: Jared M. Grifoni, Esq. The Democrats, self-appointed defenders of civil liberties, railed against the Bush White House policies of domestic spying, torture, preemptive wars, and runaway spending that led to the largest expansion of government since FDR. Today, the Democrats bail out companies, nationalize health care, continue the Iraq & Afghanistan wars, and drive […]

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The Liberty Underground Show 2/11/11 Hour 2

Liberty Underground Show 2/11/11 Hour 2 Topic include how government assault on liberty via the PATRIOT Act, RealID, Executive orders and other moves affect you locally, in-studio guest is John Michael Chambers of the Save American Foundation and Asset Preservation Institute, plus discussion on the revolution in Egypt. Tune in to The Liberty Underground radio […]

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Is $32 Billion in cuts what you really want?

I am really trying to not be so cynical. Saying that “I told you so” does not make me feel any better right now.

I am really trying to believe the newly elected Republican congressmen and senators when they told the American people that they were serious about shrinking the size of the Federal government. I thought they were serious about having a federal government that “fit within the Constitution”. I heard it over and over again about the massive spending and when we sent them to Washington these Republican candidates will stop it. I also kept hearing that anyone who called BS and offered an alternative meant we were going to let the Democrats win. I heard that there is a difference between the Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

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Tracy Ward, First Liberty Candidate of 2011

Tracy Ward was voted in by the committee of  Liberty Candidates as he FIRST Liberty Candidate of 2011!  Tracy Ward is no stranger to the liberty movement. She is the director of the Kansas City chapter of the Liberty Restoration Project and she has taken the lead in working towards getting the red light camera’s […]

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