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SPECIAL REPORT: Blocking Police Brutality with CopBlock.org

http://rtr.org/videos/22105/23674/special-report-blocking-police http://RTR.org | http://CopBlock.org | In this special report Gary Franchi is joined by Nick Saorsa and Drew Phillips, contributors to the website CopBlock.org. They discuss the recent rise in police swat team usage and the practical and ways average Americans can take action to protect themselves against abuses from criminals who wear the badge.

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Report from Bretton Woods II

American Free Press editor, Mark Anderson sits down with Gary Franchi to let us in on what happened in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire at the Bretton Woods II meetings, where the economic elite gathered over the weekend. Join the discussion at our RTR Group: Become a Fan at our Facebook Page: Share the Reality Report […]

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Reality Report: Tyranny in Full Bloom

http://RTR.org | http://RealityReport.tv |In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary turns up the heat on Delaware State Trooper Jennifer Griffin for her attack on property rights in The Rant. In our Headlines, Angie discusses the debut of WikiCountability.org, Sen. Rand Paul’s visit to Iowa, the rising price of oil, a former CIA officer setting […]

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