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Is $32 Billion in cuts what you really want?

I am really trying to not be so cynical. Saying that “I told you so” does not make me feel any better right now.

I am really trying to believe the newly elected Republican congressmen and senators when they told the American people that they were serious about shrinking the size of the Federal government. I thought they were serious about having a federal government that “fit within the Constitution”. I heard it over and over again about the massive spending and when we sent them to Washington these Republican candidates will stop it. I also kept hearing that anyone who called BS and offered an alternative meant we were going to let the Democrats win. I heard that there is a difference between the Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

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The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul – And his New Book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington”

The Freedom Movement’s Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul! www.DailyTeaParty.com Boris in Miami – November 23, 2010 Ah… Sweet realization; Dr. Ron Paul, the most constitutional of all Congressmen in memorable history, who re-ignited the Freedom Movement in 2007 with the announcement that he would run for president of the US, has inserted […]

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