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Reality Report: Tyranny in Full Bloom

http://RTR.org | http://RealityReport.tv |In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary turns up the heat on Delaware State Trooper Jennifer Griffin for her attack on property rights in The Rant. In our Headlines, Angie discusses the debut of WikiCountability.org, Sen. Rand Paul’s visit to Iowa, the rising price of oil, a former CIA officer setting […]

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The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul – And his New Book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington”

The Freedom Movement’s Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul! www.DailyTeaParty.com Boris in Miami – November 23, 2010 Ah… Sweet realization; Dr. Ron Paul, the most constitutional of all Congressmen in memorable history, who re-ignited the Freedom Movement in 2007 with the announcement that he would run for president of the US, has inserted […]

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