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Rep. Nugent Defends PATRIOT Act Vote; 1787 Contributor John Baeza Responds

By John Baeza 1787 Network U.S. Representative Richard Nugent, a Republican representing Florida’s 5th District, responded to our request to comment on his “YES” vote to extend three key provisions of the PATRIOT Act this week.   His response came in the form of an email, included below. Retired detective, Constitutional scholar , and 1787 Network contributor […]

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Is $32 Billion in cuts what you really want?

I am really trying to not be so cynical. Saying that “I told you so” does not make me feel any better right now.

I am really trying to believe the newly elected Republican congressmen and senators when they told the American people that they were serious about shrinking the size of the Federal government. I thought they were serious about having a federal government that “fit within the Constitution”. I heard it over and over again about the massive spending and when we sent them to Washington these Republican candidates will stop it. I also kept hearing that anyone who called BS and offered an alternative meant we were going to let the Democrats win. I heard that there is a difference between the Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

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