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Who did you vote for, Party of Big Government A or Party of Big Government B?

By: Jared M. Grifoni, Esq. The Democrats, self-appointed defenders of civil liberties, railed against the Bush White House policies of domestic spying, torture, preemptive wars, and runaway spending that led to the largest expansion of government since FDR. Today, the Democrats bail out companies, nationalize health care, continue the Iraq & Afghanistan wars, and drive […]

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The Liberty Underground Show 2/11/11 Hour 2

Liberty Underground Show 2/11/11 Hour 2 Topic include how government assault on liberty via the PATRIOT Act, RealID, Executive orders and other moves affect you locally, in-studio guest is John Michael Chambers of the Save American Foundation and Asset Preservation Institute, plus discussion on the revolution in Egypt. Tune in to The Liberty Underground radio […]

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