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Federal Judge Blocks Healthcare Mandate


Federal judge Judge Henry E. Hudson declared the foundation of “obamacare” is unconstitutional, and that the federal government can not force Americans to purchase insurance. No immediate impact is likely as the appeals process begins and this case will likely appear before the U.S. Supreme Court for a final ruling.

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Today Is Crash JP Morgan Day

The inventor of the virtual specialist technology / prediction markets and the Hollywood Stock Exchange, Max Keiser, along with Zero Hedge and other investors like Eric Sprott are leading a campaign to “Crash JP Morgan Chase.” The theory is if 100 million people purchase one piece of silver at about $30 an ounce this will cause JPM to default on its naked short sale silver contracts, an estimated $1.5 trillion liability against their market capital of $150 billion. Keiser predicts the result will be $500 silver spot price and more importantly the Death Star will crash when their stock plunges as a result of their default on their naked silver position and are forced to bankrupt.

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Wikileaks Outs Itself as an Intelligence Operation


Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Danny Panzella TruthSquad.TV The U.S. is already engaged in destabilizing military police action on the Pakistan/Afghan border not to mention our drones attacking Yemen. Mean while the U.S. and Israel have been rattling sabers with Iran; and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have deflated into occupations. Along comes Wikileaks which […]

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