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God Bless The Good Guys ( Victims Of The War On Wiki) by Gary Brown Jr. December 9, 2010 I,  for one,,,think Bradly Manning,,should be able to address the American people,,on national tv,,,before judgement can be ethically passed,,on him. I  know,,never happen,,,but no one can say,,G.Brown,,said SHOOT HIM, just cause a few media yahoos did.,,,,,,,ill never consent to atrocities,, being done “in my name”,,as a individual,,or […]

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Random Acts Of Freedom,,,,,


Things have happened, in our time, that none of us expected. Culture, taken turns and policys abroad had far reaching effects.But but the relevance of world events, have had posative effects,such as a global awakening of the importance of liberty, but more so,,right here at home,,millions have put down ther video games,turned off their tv’s, […]

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TSA Body Scanners Unconstitutional – 2010 Liberty Candidates Speak Out

Liberty Candidate, Cisse Spragins, Speaks Out against Body Scanners youtube= Adam VS The Man with Adam Kokesh Naked Body Scan or Pat Down youtube= Robert Broadus I think there is something not being discussed here, which is that the Federal Gov’t should not be conducting security for private airlines. The very existence of the TSA shows […]

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