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says Russia air defence systems inside Ukraine WASHINGTON (Reuters) The United States on Wednesday accused Russia of building up air oakleys sunglasses defence systems inside eastern Ukraine and of involvement in training exercises of pro Russian rebels in breach of a European brokered truce. "This is fake cheap oakleys the highest amount of Russian air […]

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TSA Body Scanners Unconstitutional – 2010 Liberty Candidates Speak Out

Liberty Candidate, Cisse Spragins, Speaks Out against Body Scanners youtube= Adam VS The Man with Adam Kokesh Naked Body Scan or Pat Down youtube= Robert Broadus I think there is something not being discussed here, which is that the Federal Gov’t should not be conducting security for private airlines. The very existence of the TSA shows […]

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Exploiting Terrorism Concerns to Further Gun Control

From JSB.ORG Written by Ann Shibler Wednesday, 02 June 2010 15:13 The gun control fanatics in Congress are at it again, using the public’s media- and government-fueled fear of terrorism and contrived anecdotes to promote their watch list and gun control/gun-grabbing measures for all Americans. In early May there was a hearing in the Senate […]

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