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Ron Paul Supports Nullification Principle

Ron Paul Supports Nullification Principle Written by Raven Clabough Tuesday, 07 September 2010 20:00 Ron PaulAt a September 4 ā€œJohn Dennis for Congressā€ rally in San Francisco, Texas Congressman Ron Paul addressed the growing popularity of the state nullification movement. Dennis, a Republican, hopes to win the seat now held by Speaker of the House […]


Age of Post-Partisanship: Republican operative recruits ā€˜street peopleā€™ as Green Party candidates

Highlighting why we must not support one party over another blindly and obedient to custom, this Republican, who was kicked out of the military underĀ  don’t ask, don’t tell recruits unknowns to run under the Green Party label: By John Byrne Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 — 8:00 am Remember 2000? That’s when Ralph Nader’s Green […]


Tea Party Candidate Jake Towne Interviewd by- WFMZ-TV

Towneforcongress: “Independent congressional candidate Jake Towne has his first interview with WFMZ TV’s Joscelyn Moes, the top story of the day broadcast on August 3, 2010. Learn more at Towne is defending freedom in the November 2nd election against Republocrats John Callahan and Charlie Dent.” “Last night I was quite happy to be the […]