Lightweight Airmail Stationery&who are able to allow you to along with your entry Papers?

Your just source is likely to be makers that are japanese classic.

Basildon Bond (UK) makes some “Airmail Stationery”, however it is fatier weight material that is not pen friendly that is fountain.

Clairefontaine and G. Lalo (France) utilized in order to make some up until a years that are few, if they decided there clearly was no more a market because of it.

Since surface mail is no further an alternative and with all the drop that is drastic cost for airmail, there’s absolutely no longer any advantage to making specialty paper to shave 5 g from the fat.

Check e-bay for classic stuff and a lot of stationers should certainly get some good form of the Japanese item for you.

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Is it of every assistance? Simply the paper, no envelopes.

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The Missive Maven

Your just source is likely to be makers that are japanese vintage.

no. 5 MicheleB

Any reco’s for the people which can be more FP friendly? Thanks.

I do believe you will need to bring your opportunities if you use stock that is vintage. You will find so numerous brands out here together with exact same people seldom surface regularly, it really is basically the fortune for the draw.

In terms of contemporary stuff, we haven’t tried some of the Asian market items, and so I can not state.

Chemyst just isn’t rather than had been a agent of Noodler’s Ink. As misrepresentations such as this aren’t permitted on FPN, Chemyst’s directly to engage on our board had been consequently withdrawn, as from March 2016.

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The Kabemeister is here now

In addition skip the ready method of getting airmail stationery. We once had therefore many options — I think about all of the different designs and colors and paper textures we utilized in years previous, never ever anticipating just just exactly how this niche would dry up — want I would stocked up.

We constantly search when We enter a stationery/greeting card shop (also quick vanishing). Often i am fortunate in order to find old airmail stationery saved in some straight back part, or either on a high shelf or reduced one. I discovered some vintage that is fantastic airmail stationery that way.

In days gone by I made some rather aggressive queries on the Web for airmail stationery. In the end, aside from vintage finds, and also the Paper Mill shop’s current (slightly rough) onionskin paper which Alogusz offered a web link for, We just discovered Basildon Bond as a present brand name really making airmail stationery.

Chemyst, my experience is significantly diffent from yours, when I discover the Basildon Bond regular paper and airmail paper become fountain pen friendly. Their airmail paper isn’t a significant thin as compared to old, but nevertheless quite good.

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