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Top 7 Strategies to Handle Difficult Conversations

Whatever the issue bring it up in private. When you bring up disagreements in public those not involved feel out of place and uncomfortable. Also, their opinion of you is lowered.

Be sure of what you want to say, do it as soon as you can and deal only with the facts. Know what you want to say before bringing
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There may be many issues that you want to discuss but discuss only one at a time. Too many issues at one time can be
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Keep your voice at a moderate tone and do not speak in an accusatory manner. Using a loud voice and an accusatory tone can be intimidating and will be seen as aggression and can lead to a battle of words where no one listens and both parties lose.
cheap Michael Kors For those more timid, when faced with an intimidating person they will retreat, say nothing or say anything to keep the peace.

Give the person a chance to state their feelings or opinion and if you think you have heard
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cheap Michael Kors ask them to repeat it and try to understand do not get defensive. Sometimes when we assume we know the whole story and in our quest to be ‘right’ we only half listen. Instead of listening to understand we listen to contradict. Listen to understand

Look at the issue from their point of view. Do not assume you know what the other person is thinking or that you know the whole story. Do not bring up things that the person cannot change.Articles Connexes:
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