Pirates Fan Tasered and Beaten by Police as Crowd Chants “U-S-A” (Video)

Unruly Pirates Fan Tasered and Beaten as Crowd Chants “U-S-A” (Video)

Michael Hurley

A disturbing video showing police assaulting an unruly fan is making its rounds on the web on Monday morning.

The video, captured by blogger Erik, shows a man leaving section 235 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The fan was swearing and refused to leave the park, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and eventually had to be escorted out by police.

That’s when the video — and the drama — begins.

The fan, named Scott James Ashley, went to high-five another fan but was blocked by a PNC Park security guard. Ashley shoved the guard, which prompted police to take out their Tasers. The Taser shock had no effect on Ashley, prompting an officer to hit him in the shoulder with a nightstick. Still, there was no reaction from Ashley, who appeared to tell the officer, “Don’t hit me.”

The officer administered another blast from the Taser and three more nightstick blows to the shoulder, lower back and legs of Ashley. Still, the fan appeared to be relatively unfazed.

“During the incident, Detective [FrancisRende wrote in his complaint, both officers feared for their safety,” the Post-Gazette reported.

Though Ashley never posed any physical threat to the police, two officers then relentlessly struck him with their nightsticks until finally subduing and handcuffing him.