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Economic Terrorists: That’s You – Goverment calling alternative currencys ‘forms of terrorism’

Economic Terrorists: That’s You Turban wearing cavemen were never what the “War on Terror” was about. Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post Many have said in the wake of 9/11 that the “War on Terror” was only temporarily reserved for the “Muslim extremists” but would soon include any nationality, religion, or demographic that stood in the way […]

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US remains military muscle in Libya campaign Wikimedia Commons Image AFP WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States stepped aside  to allow NATO to run Libya no-fly operations, but the US military’s enormous strike power remains the real muscle behind the coalition effort. Having held back before plunging into a mission with ill-defined objectives, Washington took the reins Saturday of a coalition […]

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The Anglosphere Counterattacks With Elite Icons

Friday, March 25, 2011 – by Prince William Prince William (left) travelled in economy class during New Zealand trip … Prince William flew “cattle class” under the pseudonym Mr Pinkerton-Smith during his recent visit to New Zealand, it has emerged. The Prince and his security team are understood to have taken their seats with […]

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Tenth Amendment Center Model Legislation -Intended to reaffirm the proper role of the government under the Constituion

Model Legislation – Tenth Amendment Center The following are Tenth Amendment Center model bills and resolutions which are intended to reaffirm the proper role of government under the Constitution. Activists, we encourage you to send them to your state senators and representatives – and ask them to introduce the legislation in your state. More model […]

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State Nullification; What is it? State Rights explained by Tom Woods.

State Nullification – by What Is It? State nullification is the idea that the states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws. Says Who? Says Thomas Jefferson, among other distinguished Americans. His draft of the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 first introduced the word “nullification” into American political life, and follow-up resolutions in […]

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Freedom Movement’s Phil Moffett is running for Governor of Kentucky on a State’s Rights platform. March 24, 2011 The Tea Party / Freedom Movement Phil Moffett, Republican from Kentucky is seeking his party’s nomination for the race for governor with a platform of State’s Rights, “ask the feds to stop trespassing on Kentucky.” and “…getting the feds out of our back yard.” Phil’s running mate, Mike Harmon, is a […]

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Representative Amash: Halt U.S. Air Strikes in Libya

The Freedom Movement Representative to US Congress from Michigan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 21, 2011 Amash: Halt U.S. Air Strikes in Libya Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Justin Amash (MI-03) is urging Congress to reconvene for a vote on whether to authorize military action in Libya. Rep. Amash is also calling for an immediate halt […]

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Libyan War Cost Equivalent to 5,000 F-150 Trucks in TWO Days! – Americans Fed-up! Demanding their Rights! Nullifying the Fed’s Madness! March 24, 2011 Peter Porteous The illegal, un-constitutional, not Congress approved war against Libya, has cost us the equivalent to well over FIVE THOUSAND F-150 trucks in just two days! Not only our principled Tea Party / Freedom Movement Representatives, but also the elite/bank Representatives on both sides of the isle of US Congress, […]

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Bomb explodes in central Jerusalem; 1 dead, at least 30 hurt – Netanyahu: Israel will react firmly to recent Palestinian violence March 23, 2011 4:12 PM It appears that yet another war, or at the very least, wave of violence will roll through Israel and Palestine, the consequences of which are difficult to imagine. With American wars permeating the middle east, elite instigated ‘revolutions’ rolling through the region, and a new, illegal and un-constituional American […]

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Panic Selling of Dollar and Crash Possible -Leading Experts at King World News

Wow! Wow! Wow!

“We have dropped nearly 3% in about the last 5 trading days. Euro longs are getting nervous, we see them buying puts to hedge against their long positions.

We sold the US dollar on rumors of QE2, and similarly we will take profits on the announcement of the ECB rasising rates. We plan to book our profits as I said along with the April 7th ECB raising of interest rates.””

“The precious metals are giving a clear message, namely that the dollar is in trouble. Gold and silver are near their recent highs and this shows both markets, the dollar and the metals confirming the trend.”

“At some point there is going to be a panic as the flight from the dollar moves from the relatively orderly retreat we are currently witnessing, to a stampede. The charts are telling me that panic is about to begin. As I mentioned in a KWN blog earlier this month, I believe the next leg down in the US dollar will shock the world.”

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The Risk Of A Dollar Crisis Increases By Day -With Gold Just 1% From Record Nominal High of $1,444/oz

The U.S. dollar and yen are under pressure again today while gold and silver have taken breathers after yesterday’s gains (see table). Rather than gold and silver rising in price, we are seeing the continual devaluation of the U.S. dollar, the yen and all fiat currencies and thus their prices falling against the precious metals. […]

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Jack Hunter: Obama’s Libyan War ‘the same foreign policy insanity’


Our intervention in Libya is simply the latest example of how our current president is no different from his predecessor.

We have intervened in a tribal society, in a civil war. And we have taken sides in that civil war on behalf of a people we do not know or understand, for the purpose—not a vow, but inexorably our purpose—of creating a political vacuum by decapitating the government. Into that vacuum, what will flow we do not know and cannot know.”

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UN official: Israel engaging in ethnic cleansing

UN official: Israel engaging in ethnic cleansing Investigator Richard Falk says settlement expansion, consequent evicting of Palestinians ‘intolerable’ Reuters srael’s expansion of Jewish “settlements” in east Jerusalem and eviction of Palestinians from their homes there is a form of ethnic cleansing, a United Nations investigator said on Monday. US academic Richard Falk was speaking to […]

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What intervention in Libya tells us about the neocon-liberal alliance


Most of the U.S. foreign policy establishment has become addicted to empire, it seems, and it doesn’t really matter which party happens to be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue.

baffled by how Mr. “Change You Can Believe In” morphed into Mr. “More of the Same,” you shouldn’t really be surprised. George Bush left in disgrace and Barack Obama took his place,

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Republicans Say Action in Libya an ‘AFFRONT’ to the Constitution! “The United States does not have a King’s army”

“President Obama’s unilateral choice to use U.S. military force in Libya is an affront to our Constitution.” “military force against a country that has not attacked U.S. territory, the U.S. military or U.S. citizens.” “It is self-evident that the tragic situation in Libya is not an emergency since the Obama administration sought and obtained support […]

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Read More… The Tea Party Goes to Washington: Rand Paul on the Intellectual Bankruptcy of Both Major Parties Interview produced by Meredith Bragg with Josh Swain and Austin Bragg. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took an unusual path to his seat in the United States Senate: Though his father, the libertarian Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), has spent decades in office, Rand Paul had never previously held public office before winning in 2010. Throughout his […]

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Tea Party / Freedom Movement Opposes the Unconstitutional Unauthorized Presidential WAR Against Libya

Libyan War: Globalists Bluffing Their Way To Victory UN Security Council – Wiki Commons Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer Activist Post In a war the globalists dared not even debate domestically amongst their bankrupt, imploding societies, they are now oafishly extending their litany of verifiable lies, and unverified accusations over the combat phase of their meddling in Libya. […]

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Gingrich Says He Doesn’t Regret Supporting Medicare Drug Plan Which Is Now a $7.2 Trillion Unfunded Liability


By Nicholas Ballasy ( — Former House Speaker New Gingrich (R-Ga.), a likely 2012 presidential candidate, told today that he does not regret supporting the enactment of the Medicare prescription drug plan which now presents the federal government with a $7.2 trillion unfunded liability. An unfunded liability is a benefit the federal government has promised to pay that is […]

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Iodine for Radioactive Fallout -A common sense analysis from Dr. Donald Miller

Iodine for Radioactive Fallout by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD Recently by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD: Nutritional Supplements for Optimum Health 2.0 Fallout from a nuclear bomb explosion or a nuclear power plant meltdown is full of radioactive iodine-131 (I-131). Nuclear fission splits the nuclei of uranium-235 and plutonium-239, producing I-131. The stable, natural isotope of […]

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European Union Coup Over European Nations -A lesson to the USA Freedom Movement

The Daily Bell examines how the European elite continues its efforts to centralize all power in the bureaucratic, unelected, undemocratic and obviously elite controlled, European Union. Tea Partiers and US’ Freedom Movement would do well to learn the lessons here. Ireland, a small sovereign state, might give the European Union a run for their power by […]

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