Hide in Plain Sight – New World Order in the news.

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Hide in Plain Sight

Posted by David Kramer on March 30, 2011 08:56 PM

Look at the caption beneath the speakers’ faces in this video. One way to conceal one’s agenda is to come right out in the open with it, albeit not in the way that it is meant but in a benign way so as to downplay its true meaning in order to weaken your opponents objections to it. (“Hey, Kramer, if there really were a conspiracy, then why would they put it on TV? Huh? You see—I told you that you conspiracy nuts were wrong.”) By the way, the One World Government folks actually started tossing around their motto, “The New World Order” back in the days of Bush 41. They seemed to back off of it for a while, but now it is making a comeback. My own belief is that it’s because it is basically already here. People just don’t see it yet.


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