The Struggle to Control the Internet -Under guise of information war

Friday, March 25, 2011 – by Anthony Wile

Hillary Clinton

U.S. will fund BBC World Service to combat censorship … The BBC World Service will receive funds from the U.S. State Department to combat the blocking of TV and Internet in countries with state censorship. According to The Guardian: In what the BBC said is the first deal of its kind, an agreement is expected to be signed later this month that will see US State Department money – understood to be a low six-figure sum – given to the World Service to invest in developing anti-jamming technology and software. The funding is also expected to be used to educate people in countries with state censorship in how to circumnavigate the blocking of Internet and TV services. – Politico

Dominant Social Theme: Let’s spend what we need in order to keep the Internet free. If we can get the money from government and tax-payers so much the better. This is important stuff!

Free-Market Analysis: Two recent news stories regarding government funding of the Internet have caught the attention of the blogosphere recently. The first has to do with a grant that the US is giving to the BBC (see above article excerpt) and the second involves a plea made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (pictured above left) for more funds to combat the success of overseas news services.

While on the surface both stories have to do with strengthening the freedom of the Internet and supporting an expansive flow of unbiased information, the reality is likely, and unfortunately, diametrically opposed to what it is being said. These two stories, taken together, mark yet another milestone in the determination of the Anglo-American elites to REDUCE (not expand) the reach of the Internet and to push back against the influence of the blogosphere and the alternative news that it provides.

Watch Video: Clinton Asks For Cash as US ‘Losing World Info War’

One sees these unmistakable trends in many ways. There is for instance the desperation with which the Anglosphere’s mainstream media is attacking yet again the alternative news media via pay walls and proprietary news-distribution formats. USA Today just announced yet another reconfiguration of one of America’s largest newspapers. Once a success story, USA Today has lost considerable circulation and revenues.