The Cost of War as Flat Screen TVs. Two Days in Libya: Over 200,000 TVs!!! Iraq & Afghanistan 31,311,111 TVs a month!!!


The United States Exploded Over $100,000,000.oo worth of Tomahawk missiles in two days.

Lost an F-15E Jet that Costs $31,000,000.00

Total Cost in two Days: $131,000,000.00

Cost in Flat Screen TVs in two days: 291,111!!


Iran & Afghanistan:

The United States Spends 14,000,000,000.00 a month in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Cost in Flat Screen TVs Every Month: 31,311,111!!!

What happens to a country that is willing to destroy, blow up, burn, waste, the equivalent to 31 million brand new flat screens a month waging war?!

What is the cost to our Freedoms, Constitution, Way of Life?!


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[1] 124 missiles fired in two days, at an approximate replacement cost of $1,000,000.00

[2] Price of Flat screen tvs: $450.oo according to

[3] According to the Congressional Research Service the USA, that is you and I, are spending about 14 thousand million dollars a month waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan.