Monetary Base Shoots Up – Fed Pumping Tons of Money into the System – NEWS ALERT -

Why You Should be Freaked Out About the Stock Market

I doubt you will see this chart in the mainstream media any time soon… if EVER.
This is a chart of the US monetary base. In simple terms, it charts how much money the Fed has pumped into the system (at least that it admits). So it’s a kind of visual of the Fed hitting the PANIC button: when the monetary base explodes higher, the Fed is FREAKING out.

You’ll note that during the Financial Crisis the Fed didn’t do much until the autumn of 2008 when it pumped nearly $1 trillion into the system. Think about that, the Fed didn’t go nuts pumping money until the stuff REALLY hit the fan.

You’ll also note that there’s only one other time when the monetary base went absolutely vertical: TODAY. by Phoenix Capital Research
03/25/2011 18:35 -0400
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