Freedom Movement’s Phil Moffett is running for Governor of Kentucky on a State’s Rights platform.
March 24, 2011

The Tea Party / Freedom Movement Phil Moffett, Republican from Kentucky is seeking his party’s nomination for the race for governor with a platform of State’s Rights, “ask the feds to stop trespassing on Kentucky.” and “…getting the feds out of our back yard.”

Phil’s running mate, Mike Harmon, is a state representative.


Sovereignty of our Commonwealth

The Obama administration continues to expand the federal government’s size, power, and debt, at the direct expense of our personal liberties. Kentucky needs to exercise the rights granted to states in the 9th and 10th amendments of the US Constitution.

The Moffett/Harmon administration will review federal laws and regulations to determine if they are compliant with the US Constitution and Commonwealth’s Constitution. If they do not, we will protect our citizens by fighting against them.

Tax Code Reform: Creating Jobs & Improving the Business Environment

Dozens of companies are leaving California, New York, and New Jersey because the business environments not profitable. These companies are not considering Kentucky as their new home.

Why? Kentucky’s business environment is not competitive.

Kentucky has 240 different state taxes, fees, surcharges, etc. The Moffett/Harmon administration will replace all of them with a single-rate, consumer sales tax on all goods and services.

  • No more personal income taxes.
  • No more corporate/business income taxes.
  • No more imbedded taxes in products.
  • No more state property taxes.
  • You will no longer have to file a state tax return!

Transforming our tax structure to a single-rate, consumer sales tax will make Kentucky the most competitive state in the region, if not the nation, for business growth and new jobs.

It is a simple fact that profitable companies hire more employees. Kentucky needs to be the place where companies can be profitable! Kentucky needs to be the place to get a good job!

Improving Public Education

One-third of Kentucky’s K-12 students drop out. Of those who graduate, 60% need remedial education to get into our Commonwealth’s colleges and universities.

When you strip away failure and mediocrity, Kentucky prepares roughly one-of-four students to enter the workforce or enter college.

Our public school system operates on a failed business model. Apparently no one can be held accountable for anything. Schools and Districts blame Frankfort. Frankfort blames the US Department of Education. This has to change.

The Moffett/Harmon administration will strip away the bureaucracy, make districts responsible for school & student performance, and provide parents with public school choice.

To do this, superintendents and principals will have to operate like business owners. They need to have control over all decisions, including personnel. If changes need to be made to improve student performance, they must have authority to make changes.

It is a fact that students cannot learn unless they submit to their teachers. Under the current system, teachers have little control over their classrooms or curriculum. Students can be disruptive without fear of real punishment. If students fall behind, teachers cannot alter the curriculum. They must continue to “teach to the test.”

Our teachers are very capable and need to be in a system that fosters success. Our administration will make this a reality.

Parents have the primary responsibility of educating their children. The Moffett/Harmon administration will allow parents to put their children in the public school they believe is best for their child, regardless of district boundaries. We will make public charter schools available to any community who believes it will be best for their children.

Parental choice means competition. Competition means better quality and lower costs over time. Kentucky’s schools certainly need the positive impacts of competition.

Smaller, Efficient, and Fiscally Responsible State Government

Our Commonwealth is drowning in debt. We have over $7 billion in authorized debt. Additionally, we have a $30+ billion underfunded state employee retirement fund. This debt hole is getting deeper by the day and there is no plan in place to stop it.

The Moffett/Harmon administration will appoint a “military base-closing” style commission to look into every corner of state government.

The commission will be chartered with consolidating back office functions and cabinets, eliminating unnecessary programs, and outsource as many state services as possible to private industry thereby creating more jobs.

The savings realized from the commission will be used to eliminate our debt and shore up the pension plan.

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