Panic Selling of Dollar and Crash Possible -Leading Experts at King World News

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“We have dropped nearly 3% in about the last 5 trading days.  Euro longs are getting nervous, we see them buying puts to hedge against their long positions.

We sold the US dollar on rumors of QE2, and similarly we will take profits on the announcement of the ECB rasising rates.  We plan to book our profits as I said along with the April 7th ECB raising of interest rates.””

“The precious metals are giving a clear message, namely that the dollar is in trouble.  Gold and silver are near their recent highs and this shows both markets, the dollar and the metals confirming the trend.”

“At some point there is going to be a panic as the flight from the dollar moves from the relatively orderly retreat we are currently witnessing, to a stampede.  The charts are telling me that panic is about to begin.  As I mentioned in a KWN blog earlier this month, I believe the next leg down in the US dollar will shock the world.”

James Turk – Panic Selling of US Dollar Could Happen Quickly

With gold and silver up and the dollar down, today King World News interviewed James Turk out of London. When asked about the dollar Turk stated, “There are so many important things happening here today, but what I am focusing on is how weak the dollar has been. The key is the dollar index took out…
Yesterday, 12:35 PM

Marc Chandler – Possible to See Panic Selling on Dollar

With the US dollar trading lower, today King World News interviewed Marc Chanler, global head of currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman. When asked about the dollar decline Chandler remarked, “Overriding Japan’s nuclear problems, overriding Europe’s peripheral debt problems is the fact that…
March 19, 12:17 AM

Pento – US to Default on Debt, Dollar Headed Much Lower

With the US dollar tumbling, today King World News resident expert Michael Pento had this to say when asked how the US will fund social security and some of those other critical items such as defense with its heavy debt load, “Well, for me it means a form of default.  You know when you can’t pay…