Obama’s and the Anglo-American Elite’s War in Libya -A Liberty ANALYSIS

Libya, The Good War?

At TheDailyBell.com – by  Anthony Wile

Anthony Wile

In The Unspontaneous Libyan Revolution written some 10 days ago, we suggested that like other so-called color revolutions, the Libyan uprising was anything but spontaneous. There is considerable evidence of orchestration of all of these sudden efforts at regime change and in a series of articles, we’ve tried to show how the West and America in particular is behind them, certainly as a catalyst.

As I pointed out in Mid-East Conflict Not Exactly About Oil, it is the control of the pricing mechanism of oil (via the dollar reserve system) which is essential to funding and ongoing advance towards global governance. But there’s even more to it than that, as we’ll discuss below. These color revolutions are far from transparent. In this article, I’ll return to some of the points I made previously, not only in these pages but during one of my interviews with Russia Today on the topic: I predicted a few weeks ago that Qadhafi was not long for this world as a major power player, or if he did manage to hang on, Libya would assume a kind of Somali-profile, where feuding power nexuses rendered the center fairly impotent.

What are the results we’ve seen so far? The globalists have used the Libyan uprising to considerable advantage. The US has made a pretense of reluctance to get involved with the fighting and thus reinforced the idea that the UN itself is in charge of Western warfare. (It took a UN resolution to generate the consensus for the just-enacted no-fly zone.) Obama has also made it clear that Libya is within the “EU’s sphere of influence” – thus further legitimizing the European Union as an international actor, both politically and militarily. (It still doesn’t have a standing army, but wait…)

Once the UN resolution was passed, President Barack Obama acted quickly, and alone of course, without any declaration of war from Congress. He issued yet another ultimatum to Qadhafi, warning him directly that he must vacate his office. And then he – personally – dispatched the US Navy to the Libyan coast. This despite “dithering” for two weeks! Even if Qadhafi retakes Benghazi it is likely that hostilities will continue, or at least that a cold war will replace a hot one.

Obama has seemingly played the propaganda war like a fiddle. The Afghan conflict is increasingly terrible to watch, given the mounting civilian casualties. But who can complain about unseating a brutal loon such as Qadhafi? This is surely a fresh little war, no matter how it unwinds, intended not only to reestablish the West’s (and America’s) “good guy” credentials but also to take people’s minds off the lousy economy, the Japanese radiation blowing around the world, etc.

Let’s not forget the precedents either. Barack Obama is very busy setting and resetting military precedents with this latest non-war. Such precedents are especially beloved by the Anglosphere (which seeks untrammeled power for the US executive branch). Those pesky constitutional issues such as declaring war are to be ignored in the breach. The constitution, you see, is a living document. It changes with the times. Declaring war is so … yesterday.

Of course, despite the many positives that have come out of the Libyan conflict thus far (from a power-elite point of view) there have been undeniable complications. The Libyan revolution has proven more complex than the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, which proceeded fairly smoothly and without much violence, which is apparently the way Foggy Bottom prefers it.

The Libyan uprising has been complicated by violence, and apparently by the participation of some outside fundamentalist Islamic forces that have joined with indigenous rebels in common cause. Muammar Qadhafi’s regime is ultimately a secular one, and that’s held against him by Islamic powers-that-be. It’s one reason the Arab League is willing to take action against him. Nonetheless, elements of “rebel” forces seem quite sincere, and domestically drawn as well. It is a revolution that includes shop-keepers, professional classes and disaffected military in addition to whatever outside populations have joined in…

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