Congressman Ron Paul on how America can once again become the standard for a free society.

Throughout history, the United States has been the world’s beacon for freedom and liberty. A nation of immigrants, people have flocked to our shores from all over the world seeking to escape the oppression of the lands they left to start anew in a country that will give them back what they put in. And it wasn’t because of what the government did that allowed such a society, rather it is what the government was restrained from doing.

In the past couple of decades, however, it seems that things have gone awry. The Federal government is expanding at a rate which is truly unprecedented, driving national debt to levels never before thought possible. Government agencies are popping up at an alarming rate to regulate almost every aspect of our lives, including telling us what we can and cannot eat. How has our country gotten so far off track? That is a discussion that could last for days. In the following speech given on the House floor January 19,2011, Dr. Paul explains how we can get back on track. Give him five minutes of your time, you’ll be happy you did!

Ron Paul Explains How Americans Can \”ONCE AGAIN Become The Standard For A Free Society\”