Acclaimed Author: DHS Recruited Me To Write Terror Plots

Danny Panzella

The Department of Homeland Security is looking for terrorism ideas from unexpected sources like Hollywood producers, futurists, philosophers, software programmers, pop musicians and authors. In 2004, the Washington Post reported on Homeland Security’s Red Cell program: an “anti-terror” intelligence program that recruited “out of the box thinkers” to help them create potential terrorism scenarios.

“Sometimes I was paired with a psychologist or a philosopher. Sometimes I was contacted alone, via email, and given a target to attack.”, said best selling conspiracy author Brad Meltzer, who recently released The Inner Circle, a fact-tional novel about the secret spy ring known created by George Washington that still operates today.

The Washington Post reported that “Homeland Security’s Analytic Red Cell office employs a tactic that has been used for decades by U.S. intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and large corporations — gathering together people from outside their insular bureaucracies to arrive at fresh insights.”

The Pentagon has gathered hundreds of Red Teams to reexamine assumptions about foreign militaries and their weapon systems, at times recruiting the services of Web designers, historians and screenwriters.

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