Tea Party Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty Added to Fed WATCH LIST! When the Constitution becomes a crime

BP Protest

Government Agency Adds Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty Event To Watch List

Written by The Daily Sok

OK, so apparently there’s a new domestic agency called the “Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX)” and there are now indications that “a variety of protests and political events are monitored by the regional fusion center for potential threats and violent activity.”

Scary? There’s more…

Apparently “These events span the political spectrum from a summit hosted by Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty to anti-war protests conducted by Code Pink and Veterans for Peace. While the documents make no mention of specific threats arising from the events, they do indicate that the fusion center monitors political action in a variety of forms and sometimes requests law enforcement officers to report on constitutionally-protected activities.”

2nd Annual Florida Liberty Summit

On 13-15 August 2010, the Campaign for Liberty will be holding their second annual Florida Liberty Summit at the Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The Campaign for Liberty is a political organization founded by Congressman Ron Raul. The website for the event states it is a way for “liberty minded activists…to network, learn, and build as our grassroots Revolution to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution”.

Analyst Notes:…

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