Tracy Ward, First Liberty Candidate of 2011

Tracy Ward was voted in by the committee of  Liberty Candidates as he FIRST Liberty Candidate of 2011!  Tracy Ward is no stranger to the liberty movement. She is the director of the Kansas City chapter of the Liberty Restoration Project and she has taken the lead in working towards getting the red light camera’s taken down.  You can read all about her in this story from The Pitch, a local Kansas City newspaper:

Is City Council candidate Tracy Ward a breath of fresh air or a political exhibitionist?

It’s a Saturday night in mid-December. Ward’s black dress stands apart from the leather-and-denim look of the 20 or so supporters here for her first fundraiser. In addition to a suggested $5 donation at the door, proceeds from a silent auction will go toward her campaign. The items for the auction include a handmade quilt, organic heirloom seeds and the selected works of Thomas Paine — all stacked under the tree, they’re a bayonet short of a survivalist’s dream Christmas.