Roubini On The Chinese Liquidity Hangover -Radical change in Chinese Economy

Roubini On The Chinese Liquidity Hangover

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Following China’s Christmas day hike, Roubini Global Economics has put together a brief (and not so brief for clients) summary on the firm’s views of what the Chinese post-liquidity stimulus hangover will look like. Here is how Nouriel’s firm summarizes its near-term views on China: “Three interest rate increases after the hike on December 25 will leave real deposit rates negative for most of 2011, which will require additional macroprudential measures to prevent a further increase in property prices. A modest slowdown in growth, as we forecast in our recently published 2011 Outlook, is a likely side effect. Some of the interest rate hikes in 2011 probably will be asymmetrical to increase the role of price signals in credit decisions. This will be a gradual process, however, since moving too fast to remove the subsidized net-interest margin of the state-owned banking sector would put it at risk of insolvency.” In the meantime, as China does everything to prevent an unpegging of the CNY from the USD which means an increasing tightening across all other verticals (especially with higher rates attracting excess global capital), virtually anything the US does to reliquify stocks will have a diminishing effect on risk asset values, and much more of a price shock on commodity input costs, as the specs move away from China and attack the US, that last bastion of infinite liquidity, full bore. Which is why we believe that WTI of $100+ is just a matter of weeks.