Propaganda: CDC revises estimates of foodborne illness; still an inflated scare tactic

Rady Ananda, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

After author Ben Hewitt revealed that the oft-quoted figure of 77 million foodborne illnesses a year came from a 1999 study based mostly on assumption, the Centers for Disease Control released a revised estimate of 48 million. The new revision still uses the assumption, which Hewitt clarifies:

It is less often stated that the 1999 study providing these numbers ends with a line that reads ‘unknown agents account for approximately 81% of foodborne illnesses and hospitalizations and 64% of deaths.’ In other words, a significant majority of assumed illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths are just that: Assumed. The numbers are merely extrapolated from estimates of all deaths by gastroenteritis of unknown cause.

The CDC assures us now that they have identified 31 foodborne pathogens responsible for 9.4 million illnesses annually, but:

The remaining 38 million illnesses result from unspecified agents, which include known agents without enough data to make specific estimates, agents not yet recognized as causing foodborne illness, and agents not yet discovered.

Unspecified agents? Not yet recognized? Not yet discovered?  Then how do they know these 38 million illnesses are a result of a foodborne pathogen?  This means that two-thirds of all foodborne illnesses supposedly suffered annually is based on CDC fantasy.


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