Ascension of Assange? This is guy is a walking, talking meme by his lonesome. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Ascension of Assange?

The Daily Bell – by Staff Report

Julian Assange

Is Julian Assange Europe’s Nelson Mandela? … Christopher King urges everyone who cares about justice and the truth to stand by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with donations to help him defend himself against politically-motivated, vexatious prosecution by criminal governments and their lickspittles anxious to hide their dirty secrets. ”Remember that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned as a terrorist by a criminal government. South Africa was changed by citizen action. Keeping your head down is not an option. Send a donation for Julian Assange right now, feel good about yourself and tell your children and grandchildren that you were in the resistance against organized government crime.” (Christopher King). – Redress Information and Analysis

Dominant Social Theme: He is nothing and everything. He is Alpha and Omega. He is yin and yang. Fallen and damned. God and Godhead.

Free-Market Analysis: Here at the Daily Bell we analyze the dominant social themes of the elite and it’s hard, dangerous, dirty work. It’s not something amateurs want to do on a lark. There are paper cuts involved, blurry vision and even late nights. But sometimes our preoccupations are rewarded by special events such as the constantly growing presence of Julian Assange. Elite memes are usually bigger than individual people, but this is guy is a walking, talking meme by his lonesome. We’ve never seen anything like it.

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