The Right To Record

There has been a lot of buzz,,about this subject,,if not this incident. This isn’t about the right,or wrong of the traffic violations, of the guy on the motorcycle,in the clip,and story noted below here,,its about the courtroom validity, of recorded footage. The legality of it.

We have heard over and over again,,about safety. Mainly that of officers,,and while that is VERY valid, the safety of citizens,should be PARAMOUNT.  The last word,,period.

Its a fairly common thing,,that video footage from LE cruisers,,somehow disappears,,upon convenient occasion.

And,,the practices of taking cameras and cell phones during “routine” traffic stops, away from citizens, only adds to a very “guilty” behavior. Its a great thing, that precedents are now set.,There are systems available to install out of the box,,on any vehicle.,Although,you can rig a system your self,,with a few web cams,,and a laptop., I will add more to this as i find it. still seems to be several stories, of people being arrested due to state “wire tapping” laws. Proceed with your own judgement.


in this photo ,,Tarrin Lupo,author and independant reporter