Carbon Marts Around the World -Colonialism alive in Cancun. The World Bank is to encourage carbon trading in developing countries. NWO

Carbon Marts Launch Around the World

The Daily Bell – by Staff Report

World Bank chief to launch carbon market fund … World Bank President Robert Zoellick is set to launch a new multi-million dollar fund in Mexico on Wednesday to help emerging market countries set up their own carbon markets, the bank said on Tuesday. While the list of participating countries is still being finalized, they are expected to include China, Mexico, Chile and Indonesia. Zoellick will launch the fund in Cancun on Wednesday where countries are involved in global climate negotiations to toughen existing pledges to cut carbon emissions. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: We, the deciders, need to help countries combat global warming as much as possible.

Free-Market Analysis: Colonialism is alive and well. The World Bank is to encourage carbon trading in developing countries. Too bad. This will make it even harder for developing nations to grow up; and the ramifications are simple. It means more sickness, more starvation, more deprivation. The Anglo-American power elite has learned through harsh experience that slavery does not pay in the modern era – or not open slavery anyway. Thus carbon trading (to alleviate non-existent global warming) is used to cement yet more intergenerational servitude. Africa is not to escape Western-induced poverty any time soon.