WikiLeaks’ Swedish Host Won’t Budge “Swedish laws apply in Sweden” Freedom of The Press Tested.

Despite Attacks, WikiLeaks’ Swedish Host Won’t Budge

Bahnhof chief exec Jon Karlung

U.S. companies are clambering over each other to distance themselves from WikiLeaks. The French government isseeking to purge the site from its nation’s servers, too. But WikiLeaks’ technological core remains literally rock solid–and the Swedish company behind it says that’s not about to change.

At least two of WikiLeaks’ servers are hosted by Bahnhof, the Swedish Internet carrier that runs a data center in a an underground, granite-housed World-War-II era bunker in downtown Stockholm. And Jon Karlung, Bahnhof’s chief executive, says that despite reported political pressure in the U.S. and France, his company won’t touch those servers until they’re proven to be breaking Swedish law, which hasn’t happened. “Swedish laws apply in Sweden. Only the proper authorities can shut this down. There have been no such claims,” Karlung says. “We’re confident that we can continue to operate the servers.”

Earlier this week WikiLeaks found itself temporary offline when Amazon suddenly severed its relationship with the whistleblower site following an inquiry from Senator Joe Lieberman. In a statement, Amazon claimedthat WikiLeaks violated its terms of service and put innocent people at risk. Lieberman has called for pressure on other firms that host WikiLeaks, and the American provider EveryDNS has snubbed WikiLeaks too, taking its address offline and forcing the organization to use backups such as and

Karlung cautions that protecting WikiLeaks doesn’t mean he’s willing to break Swedish law. But he says he’s won’t buckle under any political pressure that doesn’t come with clear proof that WikiLeaks’ data breaks those laws. “They have to come forward with a court order or something similar that makes it clear that this is something illegal, and there are no signs whatsoever that this material is illegal in Sweden,” says Karlung. “[Someone saying] ‘we prefer you don’t host them’ is not enough.”…

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