Wikileaks Outs Itself as an Intelligence Operation

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Danny Panzella

The U.S. is already engaged in destabilizing military police action on the Pakistan/Afghan border not to mention our drones attacking Yemen. Mean while the U.S. and Israel have been rattling sabers with Iran; and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have deflated into occupations.

Along comes Wikileaks which releases the “bombshell” video indicting the US Military for killing civilians including journalists, as if the “anti-war” crowd was ignorant of this fact. The video release catapulted the story into the national news media who quickly spun it calling whistleblower Bradley Manning a traitor. Assange became a fast folk hero in the research/ conspiracy theory community. Could this release have been to gain “street cred”?  Many military experts call into question the video and say more likely the “reporters” were using press credentials to cross borders and checkpoints. The emotional low ranking Bradley Manning seems more likely a profiled patsy being manipulated by professional intelligence operatives, than a whistleblower with access to military secrets.

Next Wikileaks released thousands of classified US military documents disclosing that the Taliban and Pakistani intelligence services are close associates. Is this any surprise? CNN reported in October 2001 that Pakistani ISI operative Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (Sheik Syed), using the alias “Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad” had sent $100,000 from the United Arab Emirates to the 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta.

Another clue is the fact that Daniel Ellsberg who leaked “The Pentagon Papers” has come out in strong defense of Assange asserting that Julian’s life may be in danger. Col. Fletcher Prouty in his book “The Secret Team” describes the Pentagon Papers as “contrived history” ; a mix of fact and fiction to shape policy and popular opinion. According to Prouty; Ellsberg is either a useful idiot, or an agent provocateur.

The newest “Wiki leak” of U.S. diplomatic cables is “the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain.” And provide “an unprecedented insight into the US Government’s foreign activities.” according to

The cables contain confidential communications between the State Department and over 250 countries and some 15,000 plus communications which are classified secret.

Immediately Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave WikiLeaks credibility by patting themselves on the back for their public and private consistency on Iran.  The cables “demonstrate that Israel doesn’t speak a double language and that we say in private what we say in public” about the threat of Iran’s nuclear program, he added.

Causing further suspicion is the nature of the information that is released. Assange has, after his latest released revealed a consensus among mid-east countries that action needs to be taken against Iran.

“Based on over 30 years of experience with the Iranians, the emir concluded the meeting by saying that we shouldn’t believe but one word in a hundred that the Iranians say.” The Emir of Qatar told Sen. John Kerry last February. The documents reveal the regions concern about a nuclear Iran. Zeid Rifai, a Jordanian, is quoted as telling a US official: “Bomb Iran, or live with an Iranian bomb. Sanctions, carrots, incentives won’t matter.”  The United Arab Emirates’ deputy defense chief, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi said; “They have to be dealt with before they do something tragic.” Saudi, Bahraini, Kuwaiti, Egyptian and Yemeni officials all share that same sentiment. There seems to be a consensus in the entire region that a strike on Iran is the most prudent course of action. This has given Obama the cover he needs to move forward with action against Iran. He has essentially been given permission by the entire middle east! So what is Obama waiting for?

On Sunday CNN reported chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff,  Admiral Mike Mullen saying that “the U.S. has been considering military options against Iran.”

Digging a bit into the past of Julian Assange we find in his 20’s he is arrested for hacking the central server of the Canadian telecom company Nortel. Facing 10 years in prison he pleads guilty to 25 charges and yet he gets off with a fine. Hacker turned fed?

Then we have Assange’s assertion that 9/11 is a “fake conspiracy” saying “don’t look any closer at 9/11”. When would a serious investigative journalist ever say “don’t look any closer” at ANY issue? He does admit that the Bilderberg Meetings are “vaguely conspiratorial in a “networking sense.”

In April 2010 Wayne Madsen reported:

Suelette Dreyfus, a journalist and researcher who says she is on the Wikileaks advisory board, insists the operation is independent, but adds, ‘Of course, if we were CIA, we couldn’t tell you.’

Other evidence points to Wikileaks being based in Virginia’s “Intelligence Valley”

John Young, who runs, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front. Young also published some 150 email messages sent by Wikileaks activists on cryptome.

So what is the mission of “Double O Assange?” Who is best being served by these wiki leaks? The Neo-conservative war agenda seems to be benefiting the most.

The Obama administration also benefits in Wikileaks providing a convenient adversary to push their cyber security agenda as well as Cass Sunstein’s censorship of “conspiracy theory” and Anti-government websites.

The response to Wikileaks has been overwhelmingly critical with the majority of left and right media calling for Assange to be apprehended. The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, Hillary, Obama and just about everyone else is calling for Julian Assange to be silenced. Yet Assange appears at London’s Center for Investigative Journalism and the TED conferences.

The bottom line? Set up Wikileaks as a dangerous threat to national security. Whip up the American population to support force to be used against them, and effectively shut down free speech and the internet in one fell swoop.

In an interview with Forbes Magazine Assange reports that he has a “megaleak” of bank documents that will expose the crimes of at least one major bank. Exposing the banksters? Will Julian Assange expose the FED? Nah. Maybe he will leak info proving that Lehman Brothers was the devil and Goldman Sachs is the second coming of Christ.