Big Government O’Reilly / Rush Limbaugh vs Constitutionalist Judge Napolitano on Wikileaks as a “Terrorist Organization”
Peter Porteous -November 30, 2010

Some segments of the establishment’s lapdog main stream media are calling for extreme measures to protect Big Government from having its secrets revealed.  On the recent leak of the classified State Department cables, big government O’Reilly said; “Whoever leaked all those State Department documents to the WikiLeaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life,…”

Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points: There Are Traitors In America – 11/29/10

Big government Rush Limbaugh manages to circumvent asking for a direct assassination with this gem; “Now, the WikiLeaks website’s international law, so we just can’t unilaterally shut the guy down, but, you know, back in the old days when men were men and countries were countries, this guy would die of lead poisoning from a bullet in the brain, and nobody would know who put it there! I mean, if our secrets were really being compromised like this, and if some people were really upset about this, and this is not… I mean, everybody knew this was coming, and this is not the first leak from Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. We’ve known he’s out there doing this stuff, we’ve known this stuff is coming, and yet, it keeps coming!”

Historically Conservatives and small government Liberals have seen political secrecy as the main threat to lawful government, and we would expect so called Conservatives like O’Reilly and Limbaugh to embrace the media revelations as to what their government is really up to; Instead they are seen  propagandizeing and defending big government secrecy, while calling for what appear to be cold blooded assassinations.

Today the job of defending transparency is left to the newly minted Freedom Movement and its Tea party.  Judge Andrew Napolitano represents the Constitutional rule of law view in this video with Shepard Smith where he shows good old Tea Party common sense. “I understand the view of those who would like to believe that the government always tells the truth, that government is always doing the right thing, my own view is, it is better for mature people to know the truth and understand it.”

Let’s hope that the Tea Party returns common sense to America, continues to be wary of the behemoth, out of hand, over grown state, and continues to demand transparency and Constitutional governance by those we elect to represent us.