Incredible Tea Party Video! The Madness of a Lost Society – Americans Gone Wild!

This video contains incredible footage of Americans going wild on November 26th across the States.   It’s educational content is difficult to match. It is short and to the point.

America; Are you prepared?

The Madness of a Lost Society

SGTbull07 November 26th 2010, Black Friday, revealed further evidence of the complete madness of the populous of our lost society. As the dollars loses status as the reserve currency, … as North and South Korea take the world to the brink of war, as the TSA violates all measure of Liberty and Constitutional rights, and as the US military itself prepares for the coming total economic collapse and break down of civil order; this is what Americans care about; wanton, lustful commercialism.

Acting like animals over trinkets made by human being over slave wages.  As you watch this horrific video; Do you think any of this people own a single ounce of physical precious metal? Any gold, any silver?  Do you think that even one of them understands what the Federal Reserve is, or that the Fed is spending them into oblivion and economic slavery? Do you think that even one among them has made any preparations at all for the day when there is no food on the grocery store shelves? And do you think the morally bankrupt executives at Target or Walmart even care?

This is what we have become; A decadent mindless culture who by virtue of this complete and willful ignorance are now officially complicit in the crimes being perpetuated against us.

Do you think this people who behave like animals literally trampling each other over $198.00 laptops and $10.00 toasters will even pause for a moment to consider their actions before they riot and burn entire cities in the days when hyper inflation finally arrive? When the grocery stores are bare; when they are truly desperate?

This my friends, is what a dumbed down, morally bankrupted, completely broken society looks like.  And this is how it behaves. No outrage over the bankers raping them. No outrage over their gutted industry. No outrage over their plundered dollar. Just blind wanton stupidity. Just bread and circuses.

The elite are social Darwinists, and they believe that what they can get away with is fair game, as long as we allow it. This is social engineering, and they have done it to us by design. They’ve turned us into animals that they can corral. We are no longer citizens in a Republic, safeguarded by our elected Representatives; We are consumers feeding at a corporate trough managed by officials.

If this is America; Who will stop them? Our entire system is corrupt and needs to be dismantled and begun anew.  But from what base? If what happened on Friday across America, is any indication of the condition of the American populous; Then our very foundations are built of sand.

May God forgive us for what we have become, and for what we have allowed to happen to our nation. And may those of us with the courage and sense to do it, renounce this behavior and the monstrous marketing ploy that is Black Friday on its entirety. This my friend, is not us.

We are the Republic. We are the informed. We are the proactive ones. And it is our job to lift up those who are lost. And saving our Republic is a full time job.

May God bless the Republic.