THE TSA & THE PUSSYFICATION OF AMERICA – Secession and our other options


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been anointed with more power than the “divine right of kings”. Americans are divided in their tepid thoughts regarding another attack on amendments 1, 2, 4, & 10. Those that are in sync with the activities of the TSA are indeed very shallow in their thought processes.

The TSA is filled with low I.Q. minimum wage automatons who will march unquestionably on any edict that has its genesis in Washington, D.C. There is a move afoot to unionize these derelicts that have no problem fondling, viewing and otherwise harassing travelers. When unionization takes place, and it certainly will, these jackboots, in a more forceful manner, will serve as yet another instrument in destroying what’s left of the American constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If any one of you is naïve enough to believe that law enforcement agencies, regardless of stripe are designed to protect American citizens, you are indeed foolish. These agencies are wards of politicians, bureaucrats and other elected and appointed hired guns and will heed only orders from government agencies federal, state, county, & city.

The time is rapidly approaching when numbers of freedom loving Americans are going to wipe off the mantle of political correctness, naiveté, and in all likelihood be propelled into civil unrest. How many, who knows? Violence should be the very last means of fighting for freedom. Secession is the only peaceful means to avoid physical confrontation if our elected and appointed officials continue to blot out civil rights. If secession materializes, in making it a viable option, secessionists should not be drawn into confrontation as was the case by Southerners in general, and South Carolinians specifically, in the war for Southern independence, which provoked the murdering psychopath Lincoln to precipitate a genocidal engagement. After all we are the United STATES (not state) of America and each state is part of a sovereign compact and is in no way obligated to remain in the compact if the citizenry is abused by the federal government which they are. The Founders shouted time & again it was the right of the states to secede if the federal burden became onerous.

1. The unconstitutional activities by the TSA in airports across America. Most recently the introduction of body scanners and aggressive pat-downs. The government’s excuse for the personal invasions & the X-rays which have the capacity to cause cancer & genetic mutations is due, so they say, to the fact that an Arab last Christmas, wearing a diaper and a firecracker inside the diaper, has caused this entire ridiculously expensive hullabaloo. One Arab, dictating the tenor of business in a country with 300 million inhabitants is absolutely preposterous. Do the likes of Airport security czar John Pistole and the Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano not understand there are tens of thousands of other potential sabotage targets, i.e. Hoover Dam, Sporting& entertainment venues, etc. if there were a real desire to harm us? The federal government is busily indoctrinating the American populace as if we were a nation of dullards. Are we?

2. The United States has a 1,969 mile national border contiguous with Mexico which literally permits millions of illegals to penetrate yearly and produces all manner of crime and the raping of our welfare, education, and health systems, yet the scholarly buffoons in D.C. refuse to implement existing U.S. statutes, i.e. 8 USC. This in itself vividly demonstrates the lie being perpetrated by the federal establishment re the “war on terror”.

3. The unconstitutional & undeclared preemptive wars that the U.S. is engaged in throughout the Middle East against sovereign nations in its pursuit of global hegemony. Is it any wonder that mid-eastern fighters are striking back in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and soon to be, if the traitorous McCain’s, Grahams, et al have their way, Iran.

4. A bankrupt nation engaged in murder. 19 Arabs allegedly attacked the Towers; therefore why did Bush engage in a murdering war against Iraq? The smelly explanations…

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