Speaking Truth to Euro-Power – The incredible speech that could mark the end of Europe

Speaking Truth to Euro-Power

The Daily Bell – by Staff Report

Nigel Farage

* European Parliament, Strasbourg – 24 November 2010

* Speaker: Nigel Farage (left) MEP, UKIP, Co-President of the EFD group;

Good morning, Mr. van Rompuy,

You’ve been in office for one year and in that time the whole edifice is beginning to crumble, there’s chaos, the money’s running out – I should thank you; you should perhaps be the pin-up boy of the Eurosceptic movement. But just look around this chamber, this morning. Just look at these faces. Look at the fear. Look at the anger. Poor old Barroso here looks like he’s seen a ghost. … You are very, very dangerous people, indeed. Your obsession with creating this Euro state means that you’re happy to destroy democracy. You appear to be happy for millions and millions of people to be unemployed and to be poor. Untold millions must suffer so that your Euro dream can continue. Well it won’t work. Because it’s Portugal next, with their debt levels of 325% of GDP, they’re the next ones on the list, and after that I suspect it will be Spain. And the bailout for Spain would be seven times the size of Ireland’s and at that moment all of the bailout money has gone – there won’t be anymore. But it is even more serious than economics. Because if you rob people of their identity. If you rob them of their democracy, then all they are left with is nationalism and violence. I can only hope and pray that the Euro project is destroyed by the markets before that really happens. – Open speech in European Parliament

Dominant Social Theme: This speech (which can be seen on Youtube in all its splendor – Click Here To View) made by a member of the quasi-classical liberal UKIP party is “anti” the dominant euro-theme. (The theme being that without the European Union, there will be no prosperity in an increasingly globalized economy.)

Free-Market Analysis: We don’t want to make too big a fuss about this because it is usually very hard to pinpoint a speech that will serve as history’s fulcrum. We do believe, nonetheless, this could be one – it is that good. And as a bit of political theatre, Nigel Farage’s impassioned oratory is absolutely brilliant.