Rob McEwen – Gold Mania, Then a Re-Writing of the System – Hyperinflation

Rob McEwen – Gold Mania, Then a Re-Writing of the System

With gold and silver consolidating recent gains, King World News interviewed Rob McEwen, former Founder and CEO of Goldorp and current Chairman and CEO of US Gold.   When asked about the possibility of hyperinflation occurring in the United States, Rob compared the US to Weimar Germany and stated, “In January of 1919 you could buy one ounce of gold that was selling for $20 an ounce for 170 reichsmarks.  Four years later in November of 1923, to buy one ounce of gold you needed 87 trillion reichsmarks, now that’s twelve zeros.  And it doesn’t matter how much money you had in the bank, it was worthless if you left it in German marks.”

November 26, 2010

Rob McEwen continues:

“The consumer, the government and the corporations are loaded up with debt.  The tax base is weak, and we have one creditor that is very nervous, Asia.  China and Japan are looking at the issuance of currency, and the monetary expansion and saying to Washington, ‘You’ve got to slow down because the dollars we are holding, and we hold a lot of them, you’re making them worth less.’  And there could come a day when those lenders will say we will no longer accept the dollar, and you get into a situation where the government ends up and it has already started buying its own debt.”

Rob also discussed who gets hurt the most in hyperinflation, “When you look at what happened, the conservative, the prudent, the backbone of the nation, those are the people that are hurt the most…There’s a really big warning for everybody who is prudent and cautious a…

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