The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul – And his New Book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington”

The Freedom Movement’s Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul!
Boris in Miami – November 23, 2010

Ah… Sweet realization; Dr. Ron Paul, the most constitutional of all Congressmen in memorable history, who re-ignited the Freedom Movement in 2007 with the announcement that he would run for president of the US, has inserted -whether by plan or happenstance- his son, Rand Paul, into the mainstream of the Tea Party and general politics, and now Rand Paul is about to lay out the Tea Party program to reach the Freedom Movement’s goals with his new book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington“.

The Tea Party started in Ron Paul’s Freedom Movement as the economy started to implode, and the bailout plans began to surface.  The movement grew at staggering rates as the education emanating from this extremely dedicated group, influenced Americans of all political stripes.  The time was ripe for it, the people were furious with a government out of control, which was unable to say no to the bankers.

But, as with all things that threaten it, the establishment tried to co-opt this pro-small government movement, and tried to change it into a ‘war all the time’, and  therefore a big government, big spending, nationalistic movement, by positioning pro-war Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck as the face of the Tea Party.

To a great degree they succeeded, and they promoted the Tea Party to those conservatives who were still getting their “news” from their cable tv stations. Bringing millions more people to the movement, and with them, mainstream respect.   Of course, what started as a radical Constitutional Movement got diluted and  in some degree corrupted. This is always the price to pay for growth in political movements.

Many in the Freedom Movement have realized that the future of the Constitutional Republic depends on the Freedom Movement’s Tea Party, and have, despite their reservations about some of their new members, or because of it, decided to remain active in the Tea Party, to continue to educate the new members, and to provide them with the philosophical basics, just as Ron Paul always has done with us, as is now doing with the new members of the Tea party.

His son, Rand Paul who decided to Run for Senate in Kentucky as a Tea Party Republican, won his office easily, riding the Constitutional revolt wave. Now he is the face of the Tea Party;  Probably much more than Palin, who is not in any office, and Beck, who everyday is seen more and more as the entertainer than he is.

And now Rand Paul is publishing the book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington“, in which he presents “…his plan–and the Tea Party’s platform–to bring the U.S. government more in line with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to stop spending money the country doesn’t have, to stop borrowing, to balance the budget and reduce the size of the government.”   “If the recent midterm elections were a declaration of war on the status quo, Rand Paul leads the battle charge. Voters fearful of growing government and debt have found their voice in the Tea Party phenomenon… in his new book Rand will literally take the Tea Party to Washington.” “In the Tea Party Goes to Washington he lays out his program to accomplish these goals.” (Center Street Media Release)

There you have it; Ron Paul, who recently declined to participate in the Tea Party Caucus in Congress, continues his educational campaign unencumbered by the weight of his creation, but his son, Rand Paul, who is actively engaged in the caucus, is defining what the Tea Party platform will be.

It is a big revelation in this great plan to Restore Constitutional Governance to the United States; Ron Paul remains free of allegiances to any thing but the Constitution, while everyone else in the Freedom Movement fulfill their part in the greater political universe. Rand Paul’s part, it seems, is to bring back the Tea Party to its roots, the Freedom Movement.

To us, at the Daily Tea Party, it has always been clear that the future of the United States rests with the path that the Tea Party takes.  That if the Freedom Movement continues to help Ron Paul to educate and engage the Tea Party, we will have a very good chance of  accelerating our goal of Restoring Constitutional Governance to these, the United States.

It has been clear, that if we failed in educating and engaging the Tea Party, if we would let them loose and at the mercy of the warmongers, that the Tea Party would select as their leaders, those people presented to them by the media hacks. That if we let them, they would present us with the options of the three  P’s; Petraus, Palin, Perry, or some other big government “conservative” as our picks for Tea Party presidential candidate, or saddle us with all of them as the only option to choose from.

So, big, sweet revelation it is; Rand Paul has taken the reins of the Tea Party platform, and it is sure to be our platform.  We have already educated ourselves, it is time to double down and take this battle to the front line of the newly inducted to educate them and show them the principles of Restoring the Constitutional Republic. If we do this, the greater Tea Party will demand that only a principled, Constitutionalists candidate represent the movement we stated.

We are looking forward to the publishing of Rand Paul’s book, which is scheduled for January 2011, just as he starts his stint as Senator.

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