Israel to Freeze Settlements for 90 Days – If it Gets MultiBillion Dollar Bribe from America

Talks Between US, Israel on Settlement Freeze Stall

Israel Irked by Questions Over ‘Free’ Warplanes by Jason Ditz, November 19, 2010

The discussions regarding exactly how large a bribe the United States would have to give Israel in return for a 90 day partial settlement freeze have stalled today, according to Israeli officials, who say the Obama Administration is back-tracking on some of its pledges.

The US was said to be offering an enormous number of diplomatic pledges as well as several billion dollars in free military equipment, but since Israel demanded that the offers be put in writing, some of the offers seem to be sticking points.

Israeli Minister of Science Benny Begin, one of the Likud officials leading the charge against the deal, says the US promise of “free stealth fighters” seems to be slipping, and warned that the deal was a “trap” by the Obama Administration designed to trick Netanyahu into a freeze…

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