NATO Sets for Long War – It has now been designated as the West’s “world army.”

NATO Sets for Long War

The Daily Bell – by Staff Report

Nato must continue operations ‘beyond our borders’ … Nato must be prepared to launch new military operations outside its own territory after it pulls out of Afghanistan, its secretary general has said. … Anders Fogh Rasmussen said alliance members must be willing and able to exercise military power “beyond our borders” to combat threats such as terrorism and missile attacks. Mr. Rasmussen spoke to The Daily Telegraph as Nato members prepared to gather today in Lisbon to plan the future role of the alliance. After almost a decade of military operations in Afghanistan, some European Nato members have suggested that the alliance should focus on defending its home territory. By contrast, Britain and the US believe that to remain relevant, Nato must be prepared to tackle potential security threats beyond its members’ borders. Mr. Rasmussen supported that view, urging alliance members to accept that new security threats may have to be met. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: NATO has the war under control and everything is getting better – and NATO is getting bigger.

Free-Market Analysis: NATO brass are meeting in Brussels (where else) to formulate further plans to win the war in Afghanistan and reshape NATO into a kind of worldwide rapid response force that will fight on behalf of democracy wherever it is needed. We have spoken before of the emergent world government that the Anglo-American axis is rapidly putting the finishing touches on. The UN, IMF and World Bank are all intimately connected at a global economic and political level, and it seems that NATO has now been designated as the West’s “world army.” Or that is the plan, anyway. The article excerpted above promotes NATO in this new role, though with certain reservations.

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