Action Across the States to RECLAIM OUR RIGHTS Inspired by Individuals’ Stand! Activists & Tea Party Say NO to TSA!

by Rhys Gibson

Boris in Miami – November 17, 2010

The Freedom Movement Can Add Another Notch to its Belt. It Has United to Take the TSA Down and Restore the 4th Amendment

Pilot Michael Roberts wasn’t the first person with sufficient self respect and principle to stand up to the police state tactics of the federal government; he is just one liberty minded patriot in a country of millions, but by one brave act of courage he has started a chain reaction that has put the government on notice and promises to restore our 4th Amendment to the Constitution.
He preserved the idea that Americans have not voluntarily given the government the power to grope them without probable cause. He refused to sheepishly surrender his ‘god given’ rights.
The simple outward presentation of his principles -action- has created a wave that gets bigger as it travels across the 50 States. Hundreds, if not thousands of news stories and blogs, have magnified his message and educated the masses. Today that wave reached the State of New Jersey, where their representatives at the State level were inspired enough to petition the federal government to restore their human rights by ending the controversial TSA screenings. (New Jersey’s bills SR91 and AR127)

May be their representatives at the federal level still have a remnant of self respect and join the New Jersey State representatives in demanding that the Constitution be obeyed.  And maybe the people will remind their representatives, that their god given, Constitutionally protected rights, are not for them to take or give away, and demand that the States nullify the TSA unconstitutional gropings and naked searches.

New Jersey legislators would benefit from reading Thomas Woods author of Nullification: “The passive approach of crossing our fingers and hoping Washington will follow the Constitution has not worked.  The only surprising thing about it is that anyone could have expected it to work in the first place.  It is long past time for those of us who want to confine the federal government to its constitutional limits to try something different.” “…It’s fine to hold conferences, write letters to the editor, and sign petitions.  But at some point it becomes morally (and practically) necessary to do more than just wring our hands about the behavior of the federal government.  At some point we in our states must say: we are not going to do it.”

If the federal government is testing whether Americans will voluntarily give up their bill of rights, and its 4th Amendment, is up to speculation, but what is certain is that if we fail to affirm our most basic rights we will soon be left with none.

The Bill of Rights is the document that affirms our humanity in the face of an ever gluttonous government, the 4th Amendment is what keeps the power seekers in control of the police forces from stopping anyone, anytime, for any reason at will. If we are to remain free human beings who live up to the ideas of Liberty as espoused by Jefferson and most founding fathers, we must use every option at our disposal to fight back to retain what is guaranteed to us.

For too long the federal institutions have remained completely oblivious to the people; they certainly have throughout this latest TSA scandal. They consider themselves completely uncountable to the people. They are too far away in their comfortable Washington cocoons.  These rights are protected by ALL 50 States’ Constitutions. The time is now to demand from those in government close to us to use it or lose it, and assert our our rights.

Ron Paul said:

“the real problem is that the American people have been too submissive, we have been too submissive.” “You know, the way I see this; if this doesn’t change, I see what has happened to the American people is we have accepted the notion that we should be treated like cattle. “Make us safe, make us secure, put us into barbed wire, feed us, fatten us up”, and then they’ll eat us. And we’re a bunch of cattle if we have to wait and say, “We’ve had it”. I think this whole idea of an opt-out day is just great. We ought to opt-out and make the point, get somebody to watch it and take a camera, it’s time for the American people to stand up, shrug off the shackles of our government and TSA at the airport.” as he introduced legislation at the federal level to “protect Americans from physical and emotional abuse by federal Transportation.”

Michael Roberts, John Tyner and many others individuals decided to push back against the porno scanners, and refused to be viewed naked or groped.

The Tea Party is organizing to act; Kevin McCashion, organizer of the Tea Party in Albany NY said “we are working in conjunction with other Tea Party groups across the nation on putting together educational campaigns, actions and protests at the airports, and we are reaching out to New York legislators to demand that they put a stop to this absurdity and intervene on our behalf”

Gigi Bowman of and Save Long Island is currently helping organizing the protest at Kennedy Airport in NYC on National Opt-Out Day on Nov 24.

The Greater NY Campaign for Liberty chapter has been “looking into our avenues of action” according to their organizer, and will be present at the JFK protest.   (After repeated request we were unable to find out if the national Campaign for Liberty has plan of action on the TSA).

It is reassuring to see the Constitutional groups and the Tea Party uniting and working together on this critical issue.   KEEP OUR BILL of RIGHTS and Restoring Our Constitutional Republic.


Thomas Woods Nullification

Citizens across the country are fed up with the politicians in Washington telling us how to live our lives—and then sticking us with the bill. But what can we do? Actually, we can just say “no.” AsNew York Times bestselling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr., explains, “nullification” allows states to reject unconstitutional federal laws. For many tea partiers nationwide, nullification is rapidly becoming the only way to stop an over-reaching government drunk on power. From privacy to national healthcare, Woods shows how this growing and popular movement is sweeping across America and empowering states to take action against Obama’s socialist policies and big-government agenda.

From the Inside Flap

Unconstitutional laws are pouring out of Washington…but we can stop them.Just ask Thomas Jefferson. There is a “rightful remedy” to federal power grabs—it’s called Nullification.

In Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, historian and New York Times bestselling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr. explains not only why nullification is the constitutional tool the Founders envisioned, but how it works—and has already been employed in cases ranging from upholding the First Amendment to knocking down slave laws before the Civil War. InNullification, Woods shows:

* How the states were meant to be checks against federal tyranny—and how a growing roster of governors and state attorneys general are recognizing they need to become that again

* Why the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution reinforces the rights of states to nullify unconstitutional laws

* Why it was left to the states to uphold the simple principle that an unconstitutional law is no law at all

* Why, without nullification, ordinary Americans will continue to suffer the oppression of unjust, unconstitutional laws

* PLUS thorough documentation of how the Founding Fathers believed nullification could be applied

Nullification is not just a book—it could become a movement to restore the proper constitutional limits of the federal government. Powerful, provocative, and timely, Nullification is sure to stir debate and become a constitutional handbook for all liberty-loving Americans.

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