Dollars Per One Ounce Gold Reserves – 1945: 30 to 1 – 2010: 3689

$53,957 in Circulation for Every Ounce of Gold

King World News obtained written permission from Mark J Lundeen to share this incredible table he put together utilizing information he gathered from Barron’s.  James Turk added the actual number using M3 and it was shocking.  This is a jaw dropping snapshot showing the amount of dollars in circulation per one ounce of gold at various points from 1945 to today.  This table shown above is a must see for all King World News readers globally including Turk’s number using M3.

According to James Turk, the number is even more staggering when you use M3 because it captures all of the dollars in circulation, the total stock.  It is the total amount of paper currency and total deposit currency within the banking system.  And if you use M3, the actual number is $53,957 in circulation for every one ounce of gold.  Turk commented, “That is even assuming the US actually possesses all of the gold it claims to own.”…

Contine Reading and See Graph>>>$53,957_in_Circulation_for_Every_Ounce_of_Gold.html

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