Britain Rises Up? Over 50 Thousand Students Take to the Streets to Protest Austerity!

Britain Rises Up?

The Daily Bell– by Staff Report

Tens of thousands of students took to the streets of London today in a demonstration that spiralled out of control when a fringe group of protesters hurled missiles at police and occupied the building housing Conservative party headquarters. Tonight both ministers and protesters acknowledged that the demonstration – by far the largest and most dramatic yet in response to the government’s austerity measures – was “just the beginning” of public anger over cuts. Police, meanwhile, were criticised for failing to anticipate the scale of the disorder. An estimated 52,000 people, according to the National Union of Students, marched through central London to display their anger over government plans to increase tuition fees while cutting state funding for university teaching. A wing of the protest turned violent as around 200 people stormed 30 Millbank, the central London building that is home to Tory HQ, where police wielding batons clashed with a crowd hurling placard sticks, eggs and some bottles. Demonstrators shattered windows and waved anarchist flags from the roof of the building, while masked activists traded punches with police to chants of “Tory scum”. – Guardian

Dominant Social Theme: Don’t look at the students. They are always making trouble.

Free-Market Analysis: We were going to write about former President George Bush’s new book but what is going on in Britain right now seems both important and timely. There are two developments to ponder on: Unrest has now begun in Britain over the faux-austerity that has been imposed throughout Europe. Just as importantly, someone named Douglas Carswell has introduced into Parliament a “UK banking reform bill.” This happened a while ago and it is worth reporting on in some detail as what Carswell has proposed is a FULL RESERVE banking bill. His introduction of the bill on Youtube (of course) is pretty wonderful stuff for those of the “free-market” persuasion. On Youtube, it is entitled, “Douglas Carswell’s UK banking reform bill, first reading (2010-09-15).”