Heavy Inflation Masked by Resizing Item Sizes. Walmart Coffee up 20%

Here Is How Wal Mart Is Squeezing Every Last Ounce Of Decaffeinated Inflation

zerohedge.com Some interesting insights on how even Wal-Mart is doing its best to mask inflation by penny pinching here, there and soon, everywhere. Below is an example of 20% inflation in the span of a few weeks, which will most certainly not be captured in government statistics of food inflation. Additionally, with cotton just opening 470 ticks higher and 30 away from limit up, we hope readers took our advice from a month ago.

Courtesy of Survival Blog

Carlos in the U.P. wrote: “I noted with interest that the Wal-Mart I shop at had cleared the shelves of “Great Value” brand coffee in 39 oz cans for about 2 weeks. Today the new can appeared, with the following differences: 1.) Can is now 33.9 oz, down from 39 oz. Also conspicuously missing is the conversion of 2lb, 7oz therefore no comparison in pounds is easily made. 2.) Price for this smaller can is up from $9.88 to $10.48, by my rustic math an approximate 20% increase! 3.) Contents of can are no longer ‘Premium Columbian’ Decaffeinated. Now labeled ‘100% Classic Decaf'”

Unfortunately, we were unable to recreate a similar product SKU on Walmart’s online catalog, although having seen comparable price masking gimmicks at local stores and for far more egregious inflation adjustments, we are confident this is not an isolated ploy to pass on surging input prices. We invite readers to share comparable stories of under the radar price pass throughs to the sheeple slaughterhouse (before and after pictures are welcome). We will compile all the responses and maybe even start a Zero Hedge inflation Crowdsourced Price Index, a/k/a a real CPI…

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