Tea Party Already SOLD OUT in Congress! Establishment Republicans to Get Gvmt off Goldman JP Morgan’s Back

Boris in Miami

The Tea Party and its angry constituents sent a message to Washington; Get the government off our backs! And Washington replies, let us start by getting off the banksters backs first.

The Republican establishment is back to playing the same old big government game and enriching their masters at Goldman Sacks and JP Morgan. They are ready to raise the debt ceiling, borrow more, and print more money. Just what the Tea Party is against.

The good news is that we have a wonderful opportunity to show the Tea Party constituency why selecting PRINCIPLED constitutionalists as Tea Party candidates is so important. If we use this newly elected congress as an educational example and point out how many of these so called “Tea Party candidates” are nothing more than establishment Republicans, then we have a good chance to influence the Tea Party at large into selecting PRINCIPLED constitutionalists in 2012.

Question: “What happened here did the Republicans sell the Tea Party out? Or did they sell themselves to two masters? The big public front of the Tea Party and more importantly the high bank rolls that are running and essentially manufacturing the Tea Party? “

Matt Taibbi: “I think it is a little bit of both, I view the Tea Party as essentially a giant Bait-and-Switch movement, they sold all this voters on the idea that they are going to get the government off their backs, but in reality what’s going to end up happening is that they are going to get the government off Goldman Sacks’ back. This is what all of this is all about and I think the people are going to be really surprised to find out…”

This is a great interview of Matt Taibi, the investigative reporter who has focused on exposing the Banksters and their go to boys in Congress. Even though Keith Olberman is a partisan for the left and part of the left/right paradigm, we think that he is right on target on this particular interview.

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  1. Conservatives are now experiencing the same bait and switch Obama pulled on us liberals.

    At this point I agree with so many libertarians on issues like deficit, progressive taxation, cutting military spending etc… Most Americans agree on these issues, but even with the american public being so unified the gov opposes common sense at every step of the process.

    We need 3rd party vs 3rd party not republican vs democrat.