Ron Paul: if somebody will listen, I’ll run again

by O. Kay Henderson on October 29, 2010 Texas Congressman Ron Paul is in the midst of a swing through the state to headline three fundraisers for six legislative candidates. Paul is among a handful of out-of-state Republicans who’ve been in the state this past week to help local Republicans.

During an interview with Radio Iowa, Paul said he’s not ruling out another run for president in 2012. ”That’s a good question. Even my best friends keep saying, ‘Well, we don’t know what you’re going to do,’ and I say, ‘There’s a good reason because I don’t know what I’m going to do,’” Paul said, laughing. “I think it’s a little early for me. I have been as open about it as I can be. They say, ‘Do you think about it a lot?’ I say, ‘Yeah, all the time because people ask me all the time, so I think about it all the time.”

Paul said he’s “strongly motivated” to pursue a foreign policy that brings peace, not war and an economic policy that gives us prosperity and not business cycles…

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Ron Paul: if somebody will listen, I’ll run again.