LewRockwell.com Almost Gets It! The Republicans are Neocons…

Boris in Miami  -October 19th 2010

LewRockwell.com almost gets it.  Their website features some of the most well thought out articles from some of the most principled Jeffersonian, pro-real-liberty writers.  It presents the academic philosophy of Liberty in a very approachable and understandable way.  They are the go-to resource for many in the Freedom Movement including Ron Paul.

LewRockwell.com has done an incredible job during the last few years of clearly explaining those principles and taking us beyond the “flag and Americana” platitudes of the Republican Party. And now, with articles like the one below, they almost get it! Instead of their often used whiny style of writing, they dissect the issue and explain it clearly without bitching.  Great step forward… and they almost get it!

Come 2012, we, as Americans, will be facing the elections of a lifetime, who will it be, Texas Perry-Palin, General Petraeus – Palin wrapped in the flag, Americana and worthless rhetoric? Or a real pro-freedom, Lew Rockwell style ticket?

Either way it will be a Tea Party ticket. And Lew Rockwell and the Freedom Movement better get it, not almost get it:  The Tea Party will decide whether the 2012 ticket will be a warmongering neocon one which will bring the country near the breaking point, or a Jeffersonian one. And that goes across all elections.  The Tea Party will decide if the candidates elected are pro 10th amendment, or pro strong Federal control.

So Lew Rockwell, please get it; The time for editorializing and whining is over; the time to reach out to the Tea Parties and educate them is now.  The time to talk directly to the Tea Party is now. The time to make them LewRockwell.com readers is now, and you won’t accomplish that by talking down to them.

We are sure that you know that if warmongering neocons represent the Tea Party in 2012 there will be very few options left to Restore the Republic.  You can not let the Tea Party in the hands of the neocons and whine about how you are so much better than ‘those darn regular misled Tea Partiers’. We must reach out to them, educate them, become the Tea Party ourselves and make them LewRockwell.com readers, educated in the real philosophy of Freedom. The future of the Republic depends on the Tea Party and we might not get a second chance to educate them.

The article below shows that you almost get it, here is hoping that you and the Freedom Movement fully get it soon;We only have two years left!

Promises, Promises
Laurence Vance on just how rotten the Republicans are.

How hard is it to position yourself to the right of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi?

This is all the House Republicans did recently when they released their “Pledge to America” at a Virginia hardware store on September 23.

Mimicking their 1994 “Contract with America,” this new Republican proposal sets forth their legislative agenda should the American people see fit to give the Republican Party a majority in the House of Representatives in the upcoming election.

Promises, promises.

Do Republicans think we’re stupid? Do they think we’ve forgotten the eight-year presidency of Republican George W. Bush? Do they think we’ve forgotten that Republicans had an absolute majority in both houses of Congress for over four years of the Bush administration? Do they think we’ve forgotten that the Republican Party controlled the Congress during the last six years of Clinton’s presidency?

The empty promises, grandiose claims, vain assurances, and blatant lies in the Republican “Pledge to America” mean that it’s not worth the paper and toner it would take to print out a copy. Republicans are clearly trying to capitalize on voter discontent with the Democratic Party, garner the support of the Tea Party movement, and sucker Americans into voting them back into power.

Promises, promises.

Before even examining the text of the “Pledge to America,” I would like to point out two major practical problems. First, like the “Contract with America,” this is a House Republican document. And like what happened with the “Contract with American,” there is no guarantee that Senate Republicans will pass legislation proposed by the House – assuming that Republicans even regain control of the Senate. The second problem is, like what happened with the “Contract with America,” we have a Democratic president with veto power. So, even if the Pledge is a good thing (it isn’t), and even if the Republicans are sincere (they aren’t), there is no guarantee that Republicans will accomplish anything even if they do win back control of the House. And as it was pointed back out in 2000: “The combined budgets of the 95 major programs that the Contract with America promised to eliminate have increased by 13%.” Is there any doubt that things will turn out any different this time?

But what about the text of the Pledge itself? Well, the preface is a lie. The foreword is a lie. All five of the plans introduced are a lie. All six chapters are a lie. All forty-five pages are a lie. Even the cover is a lie.

Surely, Mr. Vance, you are exaggerating. You are being too hard on the Republicans. You are making baseless accusations. You couldn’t possibly have carefully read the Republican’s Pledge.

Is that so? We need to look no further than the cover. It says that the “Pledge to America” is “a new governing agenda built on the priorities or our nation, the principles we stand for and America’s founding values.” Among other things, America’s founding values certainly include liberty and limited government. Is this Pledge or any other Republican agenda built on these things?

Jacob Hornberger, the founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, has described American society when it was based on the “founding values” of liberty and limited government:

Let’s talk about the economic system that existed in the United States from the inception of the nation to the latter part of the 19th century. The principles are simple to enumerate: No income taxation (except during the Civil War), Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, economic regulations, licensure laws, drug laws, immigration controls, or coercive transfer programs, such as farm subsidies and education grants.

There was no federal department of labor, agriculture, commerce, education, energy, health and human services, or homeland security. There was no SEC, DEA, FEMA, OSHA, or EPA….

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  1. The “contract with America”and the even goofier “pledge to America” are completely pointless and irrelevant! Upon taking office, EVERY political jobber, whether President, Congressman, Governor, or anything else, makes a solemn pledge, indeed an Oath under God, to his constituents and to his country.

    He pledges to defend and uphold the Constitution (and its Bill of Rights) of the United States, to defend it against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC, and to submit all of his OFFICIAL actions to its final authority!

    That is the only “pledge to America” that I am interested in. Notice that there is nothing about “gay marriage”,nothing about abortion, nothing about the environment or race relations, nothing even about “a right to vote” etc.
    It is a document enumerating powers of the Federal Government, and NOTHING ELSE!

    It doesn’t allow for a Central Bank or a “Federal Reserve” and it REQUIRES the use of gold or silver as money, NOT paper!!

    It doesn’t allow for a “war on terror” a “war on drugs” or other such totalitarian crusades!

    It does require the States, while regulating a militia, to uphold the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS”!

    Nowhere is the Supreme Court mentioned as the final or only arbiter of Constitutionality of legislation!

    You already have a pledge to America! It is called the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Uphold and honor them!

    David K. Meller