“Fully planning to “Waste” my vote”

Gary Brown Jr.

Fully planning to “waste” my vote.  Libertarian, across the board. That is the common argument right? “If you vote for a libertarian, you are just wasting your vote”.   Who among us has not heard this? And whats truly wonderous is that’s the best argument against it. Not only will it help expose, or break the cycle of “the lesser of two evils” approach to elections, they offer the most sensible and ETHICAL, platforms, and candidates.

Georgia’s Libertarians have made quite a showing this year, considering how, “unviable” they were were just a few short months ago,, you can find a libertarian conversation, and  liberty minded points, being made in most any bar, club or coffee house, we are easily accessible on social networks, and will soon be given credence at the polls.

I,  would like to think, a “snowball” effect will follow, county by county, state by state, thinking  voter, by thinking voter.

Speak the truth, speak your mind and conscience, pay no head to the school yard  tactics of old. Go ahead,, and “WASTE” your vote.

Gary Brown

[Gary Brown Jr. is a Freedom Movement activist in Georgia, where he is helping promote the local Liberty campaigns, and the editor of The Free South Project]


  1. I would also like to thank Boris,in miami,,and ALL of the DTP staff, for all their assistance, to me,, and encourage the “shareing”,,of the above .

  2. God Bless you Gary Brown!
    Vote Principle over Party! The true AMERICAN WAY!