Jackie Miller Tea Party Candidate For United States Congress 5th District of Tennessee

Jackie Miller Tea Party Candidate

For United States  Congress 5th District of Tennessee

The Daily Tea Party has, along with Liberty-Candidates.org, reviewed Ms Jackie Miller positions, and has no reservations endorsing her candidacy for US house. We are certain that Ms Miller espouses the philosophy of Liberty, holds constitutional views, and that  she is the most liberty minded candidate in the race.

Ms Miller is running against the incumbent, Democrat Jim Cooper who votes alongside Pelosi. Ms Miller is also running  against Republican David Hall. David Hall’s stance on the issues is the standard ‘strong government’ rhetoric, and short on specifics. It is as if Mr David Hall was running for a Republican in 1996.  He strikes us more as a big government Hamiltonian, than a pro-freedom Jeffersonian.

We think that the Tea Party is about the fundamental principles of Liberty. Ms Miller is a constitutionalist Jeffersonian, she supports State Sovereignty and the tenth amendment. Her constitutional views are very specific and she has an actual plan of action for her tenure. Ms Miller wants to end the big government enabling Federal Reserve, an to reassert the rights of the State of Tennessee.  We believe that Ms. Miller principles come from a deep understanding of the philosophy of Liberty and will vote for Liberty and State Sovereignty every time.

The Daily Tea Party believes that when elected Ms Miller will further the cause of Liberty for Tennessee.  The 5th District will benefit from her steadfast support of their freedoms and rights. So it is with pleasure that we endorse her.

Jackie Miller’s Message to the Tea Party!

Dear Tea Party Patriots:

We the People are in the early stages of a peaceful revolution. A revolution for which I am proud to be a part of along with you. For WE are making history. But we must not allow ourselves to be duped any longer by the Corrupt Corporate Monopoly better known as the republicans & democrats. After all, our founding document is the “Declaration of Independence” NOT the Declaration of the republicans & democrats!

The two party system has been & will continue to be beholden to LOBBYISTS, & SPECIAL INTERESTS instead of the Principles we were founded on; self reliance, responsibility, FREE MARKETS, and Individualism.

Now we have lobbies & special interests who BRIBE Congress and have given us “Crony Capitalism.” We now have a Country which rewards bad behavior, aka “Too Big to Fail” & punishes good behavior & hard work thus DESTROYING “Main Street Mom & Pop.” We have a government that is giving away our sovereignty to the UN and bringing us closer to a “One World Governance.”

We have a Country that is CONTROLED by a ‘Private Cartel” of big BANKSTERS better known as The FED! Our dollar becomes more devalued by the day. Washington D.C. continues to send hundreds of BILLIONS of our dollars to foreign countries, while our debt soars, thus enslaving our children & grandchildren. We have a Country that is in perpetual war.

We have politically appointed Judges which have aided & abetted a bigger & more oppressive Central form of government. Career politicians which practically want to tow a coffin behind them while walking into the halls of Congress, because they do not want to give up power & CONTROL over “We the People.”

We have representatives who have shredded our Constitution and are oblivious to what the “Enumerated Powers of Congress” actually means thus taking away our basic ‘Civil Liberties’ & destroying our Freedoms.

So, in closing Dear Tea Partiers if you are ready to put an end to our CORRUPT system, if you are ready for TERM LIMITS, the end of LOBBYISTS being in control, if you are ready to stop “Corporate Welfare” via SUBSIDIES for large ‘private’ corporations on YOUR tax dollar while You struggle, if you are ready to end BAILOUTS, to END The FED, to get rid of the Health/Commie Care Bill & Cap & Trade not to mention BOOT OUT the UN, then I am a “Tea Party” candidate.

If you, like me are tired of being told that we must “vote for the lesser of two evils” when you know in your heart Evil is just that Evil, then I am a “Tea Party” candidate. If you like me are tired of being called a “radical” for simply wanting to get back to the basics of what our Founders intended then I am a “Tea Party” candidate.

I hope you will help me toward my goals, which I believe are also yours of ‘rebirthing,’ refounding,’ & ‘restoring’ our Republic.

Most Sincerely & In Liberty

Jackie Miller- Independent Candidate for Congress 5th. Congressional District, TN.

Jackie Miller

Jackie Miller for Congress-(615)969-1573

P.O. Box 2276

Mt. Juliet, TN 37121-2276


On the Issues

A Commentary on “States Rights”

Very early on in my road back to life I was taught that “Power is given, power is not taken.” A good analogy would be when (and we all have done this,) someone gets under your skin and angers you for some reason and you give them a “penthouse” free of charge in your head for a length of time. Mean while they are going freely about their business. You gave that person power, they did not take it.

The same holds true in regard to “States Rights.” I often hear members of state legislatures and citizens complain that their “States Rights” are being “taken away.” No, over the decades they have been “given away.” Whenever our state legislators say okay to “unfunded Federal mandates” they cede our rights. Our state governments have ceded these “rights” because they allow themselves to be victims of blackmail and extortion from Washington. No Child Left Behind is a great example; this was an unfunded federal mandate. Some states were not going to accept it. However, they were “threatened” with the withholding of federal monies in other areas.

Our Economy and Real Solutions

We first MUST go to Congress and SLASH the federal budget! We all have been asked to tighten our own budgets now it is Washington’s turn. The American people will have to be supportive however in helping elected representatives once and for all eliminate big bloated government bureaucracies.  Our  national debt is simply unsustainable!  We must also introduce a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT. Many state governments have an amendment to their Constitutions whereby they must balance their budgets. Spending has been out of control from both the republicans and democrats. This will be the best way to insure this blatent disregard for our hard earned tax dollars will cease.

  1. Cut the federal corporate tax rate from 35% down to 12.5%. Currently our corporate tax rate is the second highest of all of the developed nations. This would have an almost immediate effect on bringing back jobs that have left our country for lower taxed countries such as Ireland, with the lowest corporate tax rate of 12.5%.
  2. “Frivolous Law Suit” reform. This has been another “jobs killer.”(See more under legislation for we the people.) The very powerful “trial lawyer lobby” does not want this, we must now demand it!
  3. Abolish the all too powerful Central Money Bank system also known as The Federal Reserve. Many a president (including Andrew Jackson,) economists and some in Congress had warned and still warn of the dangers of central banks. (See more under Federal Reserve.)
  4. Abolish the “capital gains tax.” President John F. Kennedy (1963)-“The tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisions, the mobility and flow of risk capital…the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in obtaining capital, and thereby the strength and potential for GROWTH in the economy.” The “capital gains tax” is not just a tax on major investors and the wealthy which is another JOBS KILLER, but affects each and every American with any type of investment interests including personal savings accounts. This is in a nutshell the Federal government, OUR CONGRESS, “double dipping,” you are being taxed twice!
  5. Re-instate the Glass-Steagall Act. The Glass-Steagall act of 1933 prohibited any one institution from acting as any combination of an investment bank, a commercial bank, and/or an insurance company. This act was to prevent the “To big to fail” banking mentality. In 1999 this act was repealed and replaced with The Gramm-Leach- Bliley Act which enabled banks to run amok, this, along with the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) is what many a top economist and I believe as well, set us up for the mess we are in now. The big banks since at least the early 1980’s had lobbied hard for the repealing of Glass-Steagall. Both Democrats and Republicans yet one more time were bought off. Now look at the mess we are in!

Ending the Federal Reserve “Central Banking”

“Centralization of credit in the banks of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.”
Karl Marx-Fifth Plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Many of our parents have often said, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Washington D.C. does though, in the form of The Federal Reserve central banking system! For both Democrats and Republicans who are perfectly happy to keep the “printing presses” going and aide and abet “redistribution of wealth.” This is nothing new; the hypocritical “do as we say not as we do” two party system has been doing this to us for almost 100 years. We will explain in greater detail in a minute. Our Congress has been selling the futures of our youth and indeed even our grandchildren. The time has come to educate all of us and to eventually put an end to this highly secretive and indeed shadow form of government!

Education Solutions

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
-Albert Einstein

“Never throw good money after bad.
-Las Vegas professional gambler

  1. Dismantle the Department of Education- President Ronald Reagan wanted to abolish the Dept of Education and referred to it as “The Blob.” He recognized that “big government bureaucracies” are always the problem not the solution. Being the visionary President Reagan was he knew that the education bureaucracy would only become more bloated over time and hurt our children’s level of education. It was not just Democrats who stood in his way Republicans turned out to be an even bigger enemy in ridding us of this monstrosity of red tape bureaucrats. Speaking with our teachers over the years one of their biggest complaints is spending more time on “government paperwork” than on meeting the needs of their students. Both teachers and those on the administrative end (too many on the admin end to be sure) have said that there is “Plenty of money, it is just spent unwisely.” For fiscal year 2009 between regular appropriations and more added via the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” the Dept. of Education has a budget of $161.4 BILLION of our tax dollars and our children are learning less! BIG BUREAUCRACY SIMPLY NEVER WORKS! (On a side note, in “The Reagan Diaries” President Reagan complains just as much about republicans as democrats, especially what he called “right wingers.”)
  2. Repeal No Child Left Behind- NCLB added even more to “The Blob” known as the Dept. of Education. Some may argue that a few parts of it are good. Here again more bureaucratic “red tape.” So many teachers and administrators continue to share with us that they spend more time on paperwork than with individual students. Countless students have shared that they are “being tested to death.” I have NEVER believed that any student’s abilities or brains should be solely judged via tests. (More of this in “back to basics.”)
  3. Putting Education Back into the hands of the Individual States- Our state legislatures need to be held accountable for this. We need to begin electing state representatives that will work with federal reps to put education back where it really belongs. This can be accomplished, don’t let them say otherwise. We can “opt out” if “We the People” have the will to do so. The “numbers crunchers” can figure out the tax dollars involved in regard to how much each state is sending to Washington. This only takes “the political will.”

National Security

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Thomas Jefferson

United States Constitution Section (8) …provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.

United States Constitution Section (8) …to declare war, grant letter of Marque and Reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water.

United States Constitution Section (8) to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas…

It should be “Medical Insurance” NOT “Health Insurance.”

I’m not quite sure how we have all been brainwashed into this “health insurance” language. It’s laughable to think we can “insure” our health when you actually dissect it. We used to refer to health insurance as “medical insurance,” which was needed and suggested to protect a person or families assets against catastrophic illness, in other words neutralize financial risk. As cruel to some as this may sound, there is nothing in our Constitution that guarantees us any form of “Government/Washington” health insurance. To be fair I could share my own nightmare story about even attempting to get a ‘high deductible-catastrophic’ medical insurance plan. I’ll be upfront I don’t like the big insurance agencies; however they are not entirely to blame for the mess our health industry currently faces. There is plenty of finger pointing to be sure up to and including ourselves. Now let’s look at some ways “We the People” can fix the mess Washington itself has helped to create.


Liberty Candidates.org

Liberty Candidates is a non-profit, non-partisan organization formed to assist voters in finding candidates who will uphold the standards of Liberty in coming elections. YOU decide who will carry Liberty’s Torch in the 2010 elections!



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