Doug Marks Tea Party Candidate For United States House 14th District of Illinois

Doug Marks Tea Party Candidate

For United States  House 14th District of Illinois

The Daily Tea Party has, along with, reviewed Mr Doug Marks positions, and has no reservations endorsing his candidacy for US house. We are certain that Mr Marks espouses the philosophy of Liberty, holds constitutional views, and that he is the most liberty minded candidate in the race.

Mr Marks is running against the incumbent, Bill Foster, a Centrist Democrat. Marks is also running  against Randy Hultgren, a groomed  career politician in the Republican Party.   Randy Hultren is another Republican politician that gives the standard bullet points of “freedom and Americana’ while voting for more of the same.  His voting record is that of a centrist, which does not make him that different from the Democrat Bill Foster.

We think that the Tea Party is about principles and not pretty speeches, Dough Marks is a constitutionalist Jeffersonian, hehe supports State Sovereignty and the tenth amendment, has been endorsed by the Tenth Amendment Foundation, the Tax Payers Union, the Boston Tea Party, and in our view he is the only one we should consider at the Tea Party, as he is the only true Constitutionalist in the race.

The Daily Tea Party believes that when elected Mr. Marks will further the cause of Liberty for Illinois.  The 14th District will benefit from his steadfast support of their freedoms and rights. So it is with pleasure that we endorse him.

Doug Marks’ Message to the Tea Party!

Dear Tea Party Patriots:

I do not have the typical political baggage that could influence the way I would vote on legislation. I am not beholden to either a party platform or to any IOU’s from a financial sponsor. With that in mind, I’d like to briefly explain to you why I am running for congress. Over the years I have watched those who were our elected representative’s follow the requirements mandated by either their political party or other entities that invested in the candidate. Because of this many legislative bills were brought to pass that were not in the best interests of the people in this district or this country. It is time for accountability in Washington with a stance of defending the constitution of this country and the rights of the people. The oath of office, that every electorate recites, is more than just rhetoric it is a statement of character and behavior. One that those who swear to abide by it must be held accountable for their actions when they do not uphold its meaning and intent. We are now at a point that if Washington’s behavior does not change we will find our country in the history books as another failed empire. I, for one, cannot sit idly by as this comes to pass. For years I have waited and waited for a candidate to stand up and be the person to right all the wrongs perpetrated against the people, the constitution and our country but no one has stood up to take on that role. I am here to tell you that I am standing up.

I am gun owner and fully believe in the 2nd amendment. As a matter of fact I a firm believer in the first 10 amendments to our constitution. I am pro-life, though I do not believe the federal government has any jurisdiction on such matters. I believe in a small efficient government as depicted by our founding fathers that has little power to regulate the lives of the citizens of this country. I believe our current government is too large, too inefficient, too intrusive, and too burdensome on the people of this great country. The role of the federal government is to protect the people from the infringement of their rights by the states or other individuals but not from themselves; it is to protect our borders using the best trained, best paid, and most technologically advanced military force on the planet, to interact with foreign entities, and to limit itself to the interactions designated by the constitution leaving all others items to fall upon the states or the people to handle.

I was brought up believing in the “American Dream” which basically is a goal that anyone, given enough effort, could become financially independent. That everyone has the opportunity in this country to work their way to a good and successful life, successful spiritually and financially with the freedom to choose their own destiny. Today few, if any, can aspire to that dream. We have had it taken from us by the political and global elitists, by the powerful few who think they are entitled to control everyone, by those that think they have the right and the power to tell you what is good and right for you stripping your God given right to choose. The American dream, and the sovereignty of this country, is being stripped away as we watch. All this is being done with the blessing of our government and those whom we have elected to represent us. Can we afford to continue to follow the same path with the same two-party’s calling the shots? Regardless of the rhetoric du jour unless you choose a candidate from outside of the two major party’s we will continue upon our current path and the American dream that we all wish to attain will be gone forever. I, for one, want to keep that dream alive and will work hard to that end. If we do not act today, the dream as we know it will be a fantasy for my daughter’s generation.

What makes it so difficult to keep the dream alive are the governmental inventions through taxes, national debt, and government spending; these are the big three that take up so much energy and discussion. They are so intertwined you cannot speak of one without including the other two. To cut to the chase, we need to dramatically change the way our government does business by reducing federal spending and re-structure it so it does not need to spend trillions of dollars per year to function. In this effort, we also need to remove the tax burden on the people of this country. One cannot happen without the other. A reduced government will force a reduction in taxes, a reduction not only on the people but on the business community as well. One of the many things I will propose to congress is a constitutional amendment for a zero based balanced budget. This means:

  • That each year’s budget starts at zero and every line item has to be added and justified instead of starting with the previous year and adding to it.
  • That all earmarks will be gone because there is no place for them as an “add-on” after the budget is created.
  • That all programs will have to be re-evaluated prior to being added into the budget so carrying over old programs that failed, or were inefficient, will not happen.
  • That all corporate welfare will cease. Corporation need to survive in the market on their own merits or through private funding not on the funding from the tax payers.
  • That discretionary spending will greatly decrease or be removed.

These changes tie directly into our economy and our job situation. With our unemployment level over 10% in Illinois, 20% if we include the under-employed, we need to have these changes applied in order for the people of our state, and our country, to get back to work. To understand this you need to think about how our economy works. When the principles I suggest are applied the people will have greater discretionary income due to lowered, or removed, taxes and with money in their pockets they will increase their spending. As their spending increases, the demand for products and services will increase. As the demand for products and services increase, a need for more workers to accommodate the increased demand will occur opening up employment opportunities. As we employ more people this cycle will repeat and our economy will grow.

The federal government, aside from times of declared war or state of emergency, must be forced to operate under the constraints of a balanced budget. One of the other measures I intend to propose to congress is the thought of repealing the 16th amendment removing the income tax because our current 60,000 page tax code is unjust and does not apply itself equally to everyone under the law. What I propose is to take the zero balance federal budget figure and bill it directly to the states, apportioned by population, allowing the states to be the taxing entities removing this power and bureaucratic waste from the federal government. Each state, in turn, will now be the taxing entity re-enabling the states to be self-managing as depicted in the 10th amendment, without federal intervention, and in doing so help to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. This will also remove many programs from the federal level and relocate them to the state level where they are constitutionally allowed.

A few of the other items I have on my agenda are:

  • Propose a constitutional amendment for term limits: 12 years of service for combined House & Senate positions, Supreme Court justices, or any other appointed federal position. No more special retirement packages, if social security is good enough for me it is good enough for the members of congress. All government benefits end once the office is vacated. Medical insurance is provided by the open market, no special government plan.
  • A constitutional review for all legislation to ensure it is within the powers of the federal government to enact. Legislature writes the laws: No more enforceable laws from bureaucratic decrees (CFR or other non-legislated documents), executive orders, or judicial rulings.
  • A “Read the Bills” Act: I believe that those in Congress, who vote on legislation that they have not read, have not represented their constituents. All bills must be in open forum without being rushed through backdoor secret sessions with at least seven(7) days for public review. No more horse trading behind the scenes. No more Illinois politics which has referred to as business as usual! End all multi-thousand page bills. Legislation should be written in plain English and cover one subject matter reducing the complication and understandability of the laws.
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment to not only return the senate to be the voice of the states but to also return property ownership back to the people.
  • Audit and then end the Federal Reserve. Basically, we need to return to the monetary system spelled out in the Constitution and remove the influence and power of the central banking system.
  • Though these items are managed by the Senate, I would propose removing ourselves from our bad alliances like the UN, IMF, CFR and ALL the, so called, free trade agreements(NAFTA, CAFTA, et al). We gave away our manufacturing base through the enactment of bad treaties that were, admittedly from the administration, designed to enhance the standard of living in other countries.
  • End ALL wars and bring our troops home. I believe we need to have the best trained, best paid and most technologically advance military in the world. But as far as our current engagements:
    • There is no mission in Afghanistan except to perpetuate the conflict. This is an unconstitutional war which has cost billions of dollars, thousands of lives, destroyed thousands of families, and has created more enemies than it has destroyed. You cannot war against a military tactic. This Wilsonian approach of making the world safe for democracy is wholly unconstitutional and our troops need to be brought home immediately. This statement is not only for Afghanistan but also for Iraq and every other military installation we have worldwide. There is no justification for having over 700 bases in over 100 countries except that we are trying to control the actions of others on a worldwide scale. This mentality has been the downfall of every great civilization throughout history and if we continue this path our civilization, like all those before us, will fall.
    • End the current “state of emergency” that has been in place since 9-11 giving the president additional military powers.
    • If we need to deploy our troops then it needs to be by an act of congress, against a know enemy that has attacked our sovereign borders, with an exacting plan of attack of overwhelming force utilizing the best technology available, and with an exit strategy once these goals have been accomplished. With Afghanistan, we have none of those. Some would use the 9/11 attack to justify our presence in Afghanistan but we soon forget that the attackers of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.
    • Our current, and historical, stance on foreign policy is too interventionist and has created all of the enemies we currently face today. Anytime you stand up as the biggest kid on the block and you go to someone else’s block there is going to be someone on that block who will wish to challenge you and will try to knock you down. If we stay on our own block and remain non-threatening to others all of these conflicts will go away.
  • I support the “Bring Home the Politicians” movement. This is a movement to relocate the US representatives to their local districts, and other office holders to their locality, to securely telecommute for no less than 75% of their terms to increase voter access and reduce lobbyist influence.
  • Repeal Obamacare legislation, the government and all its mandates created the majority of the health-care cost crisis so getting them out of the picture will only help improve things. I would like to see:
    • Repeal all the free care governmental mandates and force these companies to compete in all states
    • Catastrophic insurance options for those who only want that type of plan.
    • Insurance purchased by the individual, like car insurance, cafeteria style where you pick and choose your coverages and amounts. Because it is not tied to any employment it follows the individual.
    • Tort reform – forcing the losers of a lawsuit to pick up ALL the litigation costs.
    • Health savings accounts
    • Import drugs from Canada
  • Repeal the finance reform bill and enact legislation that truly controls citizen abuses. If there was a desire to truly correct Wall Street then ending the FED would have been the proper course of action. It is the banking elite in collusion with the political elite that created the rules Wall Street uses so creating a new law that does not remove or change the old ones is ineffective and does not fix the problem at its source. I am not saying that we do not need to have consumer protection because we do but the real protection we need right now is from the government not greedy bankers. Secondly, in the legislation there is section that instructs the banks to report all deposits made by the consumer to the IRS. What does this have to do with correcting the actions of Wall Street? Who is paying for the additional costs incurred to create and maintain this reporting system? The consumer of course! How can our government justify invading our personal information? The IRS reports to the IMF not the U.S. government so now all our personal banking information is available to the global community. What happened to my right to privacy? Under this, and previous, administration your rights, as given to you by your creator, are meaningless. When do we stop being bullied around and put an end to this corrupted system?
  • Repeal the Patriot Act and remove homeland security(TSA and the hundreds of other investigating and enforcement branches of the federal government)
  • Alter immigration policies:
    • Modify the 14th amendment altering the birthright of citizenship. I believe that at least one of the parents has to be a legal U.S. citizen in order for their progeny to claim citizenship. This will end the “anchor baby” problem.
    • Offer no publicly funded welfare, aside from life saving medical care, to non-citizens.
    • Offer no publicly funded welfare to immigrants for their first two years of citizenship. If someone wants to come here for a better life and is willing to work for it then I welcome them but if they are looking to survive off the labors of others then they can go back their country of origin.
    • End all work visas in fields where American citizens are unemployed.
    • Streamline and shorten the citizenship process. It is expensive and difficult to maneuver through the bureaucracy. The questionnaire is lengthy and most questions on it are irrelevant. No caps or limitations on immigration because this country was built by, and has grown from, the influx of immigrants who wanted a better life and believed in the American dream. There is no reason why we need to dissuade people from that dream.

I hope this explains the bulk of my positions. If you have any other questions I will be happy to respond.

Doug Marks
Libertarian Write-In Candidate
14th Congressional District of Illinois!/pages/Doug-Marks-for-Congress-14th-District-in-Illinois/284977606810



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